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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Joker This Bloke

After spending the last 2 weeks at the farm trying to finish off my 'to do list' I came up with a list of the kind of farm animals i wanted to top everything off nicely apart from my Chinese Geese, Deer, Cattle, Chikens, Game Fowl and so forth. Looking at the probablity that i could never have the list completed from getting the fowl i needed locally i decided to give my 'wish list' to a friend back home and see if he could gather them up.
3 emails and a couple of calls later, the list was broken down to 86 heads. 12 Muscovy's, 12 Pekins, 12 Khaki's, 12 Saxony's, 3 pairs each of Emdbems, Tuffed Romans and Toulouse Geese, 6 each of White and Bronze Turkeys, 3 pairs of Blue Peacocks and 1 pair of White Peacocks.
Total AUD8550.00 excluding Freight and all...
I know i am getting buggered here. Waddafak?!


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