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Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Time Reflected (Parte Dois)

There was one weekend Dad got me to go along with him to visit Mr. Clark. I did not know then what was the visit about until the three of us walked to behind the barn and that morning was my first introduction to tropical fish despite it just being 3 old fish tanks that seen better days. Soon we were on our way back home in Mr. Clark’s borrowed ute with myself wondering what were the plans for those fish tanks that lay on the tray.

There was a bit of fuss when we got home. Mum was not very happy to see the fish tanks sitting in the porch. Her face looked contorted as she looked on disapprovingly. Dad muttered under his breath to me something about women getting crankier as they age. It was only when we were on the way back to send the ute back was when Dad just said to me that the fish tanks were my responsibility. I kept quiet.

Months later I thanked Dad silently for this. By then the tanks were thriving with aquatic plants and tropical fishes although it was only red platy’s and black molly’s then, all of which were ‘borrowed’ from the pet shop in the city. On one of my open mouthed gawking wishful thinking trips, the pet shop owner had offered on condition I bred them and sold the fry back to him. This showed me that when you want something bad enough, it shows in your face and there will always be a good samaritan out there.

Hence my youthful foray into breeding tropical fish. Almost a year later I was making fortnightly trips into the city by bus to sell my fry. Having that few dollars in my pocket made me feel very good and my mind went into a spiral of grandiose thoughts of what I was going to buy myself. Strangely enough eventually that money went into bigger tanks, air pumps, aeration stones, breeding stock and so on. Even Mum was finally grudgingly in approval. Dad gave a occasional pat on the back and said good job.

The only thing I bought for myself with the money from my enterprise was a pair of levis. You just cannot imagine the feeling of pulling on your first pair of brand new jeans bought with your own very hard earned money. I felt liberated a sense of being free for the first time at 16, no more hand me down jeans ever I thought to myself.

To Be Continued…


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