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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taking A Break

Away To The Farm I Will Be. Seasons Greetings To You. May The New Year Bring You Good Health, Happiness And Success In All Your Endeavours.

Prayer For 2008

God Please Take Away My Habits That Are Bad
But Know You Say No But Not To Make Me Sad
Because I Know Tis Not For You To Take Away
Rather More For Me To Give Up You Will Say

God Make Me Patient In My Undertakings Daily
But Know You Will Say No Rather Say Me Silly
Patience Comes From Life’s Tribulations Be Earned
Grant It You Will Not Because It I Have To Learned

God Can You Help Spare Me Some Of My Pain
But Know That You Will Not As There Is Be Gain
As All My Pain Pulls Me Apart From Worldly Care
Hence Brings Me Closer To You Better I Shall Fare

God Can You Give Me Happiness In Coming Year
But Know That You Will Say No But Have No Fear
Because You Have Already Blessed Me With Life
Happiness Up To Me To Make Happen To For Strive

Lastly God Help Me Love Others As They Do Me
But Know That You Say Yes As Now I Clearly See
World May See Me As One Person So Insignificant
But To One I Just Might Be The World Magnificent

Thank You God!


Very Kool Too

Val Inspired Me To Write This And She Posted It On Her Blog. Very Kool. Thank You Val.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Vietnam In February


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Centropus Sinensis

Finally Managed To Get A Photo Of This Burung Bubut (Local Slang) or Centropus Sinensis This Evening. This Time It Was Prancing About In The Bamboo Thicket Near The River Stream On The Farm. It Makes This Low Booming Note... 'Boot' 'Boot' 'Boot'.


Hole In My Sampan

The Flood Yesterday Snapped The Rope Off My Sampan Pushing It Downriver. There Is A Hole Now On The Bottom. This Sucks Bigtime Because I Was Planning To Spend New Years Eve Shrimping. Looks Like It Will Be Spent Pulling The Sampan Up And Looking If I Can Replace The Planks On The Bottom.

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Curling Back To Sleep

Morning Dawns Grey And Gloomy
Looked Like Another Day Stormy
Like Dark Fists The Clouds Gather
Curl Back Into Warm Bed I Rather
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Made And His Maggots

Made Has A Maggot Infested Wound. Noticed It When He Was Being Given A Bath, Him Stinking So Bad. Rushed Down Tonight And For An Overnighter At The Vet. Yep. Those Are Maggots Coming Out.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Lord

Thus The Hour Slowly Draws Near
Something In Me Has Slight Fear
Used To Ready To Walk By Eleven
Said Mum If Not We Go Not To Heaven

Midnight Mass Was Our Destination
Flock Towards Like Sheep To Station
These Times The Tradition Been Broken
Small Corner My Mind Lord I Forsaken

As I Knell At Home Before My Altar
My Belief In You Still I Have Not Falter
Despite My Sins Have You Judged Never
Here Hope I Still Be In Your Favour
Happy Birthday Lord...
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Flying Fox

I Was Up In Serian Today Looking For Some Goats. Came Across This Farmer Who Had This Flying Fox In His Rabbit House.
This Flying Fox Has Been Making Himself At Home Here For 2 Years Now. Coming And Going As He Pleases, He Always Reappears Before Dark.

Never Thought I Would See A Flying Fox Like This. Here You Can See Him Helping Himself To A Drink.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Got My Ducks

I Drove Out Of Town For About An Hours Worth After Hearing There Was This Duck Farm. Finally Found The Place. The Owner Was Extremely Friendly And Helpful. I Selected My Campbell Ducklings And Hope To Pick Them Up In About 2 Weeks Time.
Papa And Mama Campbell Ducks.


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