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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Addicted To Sweet Plums

Seriously. I am on my last Sweet Plum. They taste so yummy that i went through 12 in 2 hours. *Burp*

My Cubicle

Christmas Past

This was over the Radio today on the way back from the Farm. Mum and Dad used to play in on the old record player. Happier times for us all.

But Diana Krall is my favourite version

Destination Jakarta!

My New LCD Monitor

Just Managed To Hookup The BenQ LCD Monitor I Bought In Jakarta Last Night. Much Better Than The Lousy Box I Had For The Past 5 Years.

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What Was I Doing?

Someone Asked What Was I Doing In Jakarta? Attending A Leadership Seminar.

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Am I A Monkey?

These Palm Trees Are A Pain. Everytime It Flowers I Have The Problem Of The Seeds That Litter The Ground. Keeping Up With The Cleaning Is Fruitless. Am I Monkey Enough To Climb Up And Chop Of Those Branching Seeds?


It Is Cleaner Now

Finally After Much Scubbing And Cussing The Outdoor Pond Is Clean Again. Now A Short Trip to Get Some Nice Koi. Or Some Nice Goldfish?


Garden Figure

The Monsoon Rainy Season Has Been Here For A Few Weeks. I Love The Way The Lichen Has Grown On This Garden Figure By The Outdoor Pond.

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Sometimes You Just...

Want To Strangle Some People. The Grass At The Farm Was Knee High What With The Rains. But The Bush Cutter Had A Sprung Cable Which Was Fixed Day Before. This Morning I Was Up Again And The Bush Cutter Is Broke Again With A Faulty Igition Coil. There Always Seems To Be A Problem With The Bush Cutter In Particular On A Weekly Basis. These Bangla Farmhands Give Me Headaches.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clean The Pond

I Think I Shall Clean Up The Stinky Pond Tommorrow. And Get Some Pretty Koi. Yeah!

Thai Seafood Salad

You can use any seafood that you like for this simple Thai Seafood Salad recipe. Please note the seafood needs to be blanched before it is added to the salad.
Squid - cut into pieces
Fish Fillet - cut into pieces
Shrimp (Prawns) - washed, peeled and deveined
A dash of Fish Sauce
Some Lime Juice
Green and (or) Red Chillies finely chopped
Some melted Palm Sugar
Thinly sliced Lemon Grass
Onions thinly sliced
Tomato's thinly sliced or chopped
Chinese Celery - roughly chopped
Spring Onions

You can use Crab Meat and Mussels too!

Put some water into a pan and bring to the boil. Blanch the Squid, Fish and Shrimp (Prawns) separately. Once cooled mix the seafood together and set aside.
Put the Fish Sauce, Lime Juice, Chilies and melted Palm Sugar into a bowl and mix together. Add the seafood and stir well so that the seafood is well covered in the sauce.
Add to the Vercimili, and then add the Lemon Grass and Onions. Finally add the Tomato, Chinese Celery and Spring Onions. Mix together and serve immediately.


Have You Been Good?

The Kebun

I think the farm is long overdue for some TLC. The next week is going to be a long one as i make a list of things that need to be done. The focus will be turning the whole area into a 'homestay' experience. Something i should have done a long time ago. Sometimes you have to stick to your gut feeling and bugger those doomsayers.
[Time for an before and after album? Perhaps.]


Eating In Jakarta

The Seat Was Hardly Warm And They Started Sending In The Food. Loads Of it. You Pay For What You Eat. Simple And Cheap. All For AUD16.00. *BURP*

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What Happened?

I Have No Idea What Happened. Jakarta Was The Best Ever Shopping. For The First Time I Totally Lost It. I Gulped At The Dough For Overweight Luggage I Had To Cough Up. But Damnit. I Still Have a Buzz.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joys Of Delays

It was supposed to be ONLY a 5 hour transit wait. But turned out to be 7 plus hours. Finally landed into Jakarta at 1.40 am local time.
AirAsia Everyone Can Fly, Your Delays Make Me Cry

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Poor Pony

There were these ponies that stood around waiting for some tourist looking for a cheap thrill. I find it absolutely pathetic that animals have to be abused like this. It really is sad.

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When In Jakarta

I Saw Peter Cox In Jakarta. Inspiring. Very Inspiring.


Streamyx Sucks