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Saturday, December 01, 2007

To Get or Not?

I been itching for a planted tank for a while now. Now i have to think if i can find the time to be responsible maintaining it. Decisions.. Decisions... Decisions.... But damn it! Looks worthwhile.

25 Days To Christmas

25 days to Christmas. And I am supposed to be home by now. Now this sucks. Well at least i am watching Handle tonight in Singapore.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Day Dream

When daydream I during day
Always of you it is I must say
Desire find you not forgotten
Search you in my dream garden

Maybe you in a far away land
But in dream reach my hand
Hold you pressingly so tight
Loving caresses far into night

Let me go back into dream
Drifting meander like stream
Like lone unicorn I wait will
Your warmth to cut this chill
Hello? Copyright OK? All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grandpa Once Said

Grandpa once said to me...

"Not your Fault to be Born Poor.
But is Yours to Die Poor."

To Dream

To dream of a peaceful existence
Life with so much more substance
More of lazy days reading a book
Or casting for a fish in lazy brook

But now foreign beds are my domain
Hope not the rest of my life to remain
Surely must there be a way to find
Make of my time much more defined

Now keep an eye an ear out to seek
Something to hope a way to peak
New beginning one of more quality
Peaceful heart for all forever eternity
Hello? Copyright Ok? All Rights Reserved!


8 Nights

I came back for 8 nights to this view from my suite on the 22nd floor. Sick of this. Yep!
Streamyx Sucks