------- waddafak: 11/11/2007 - 11/18/2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peanut Lady

Smoked chocked road leads to my hotel
Traffic snarl leading where could not tell
Junction waiting for the light to turn green
Glancing at her through the smoke screen

For seconds ten or more i look and wonder
Peanut lady sari clad thought make me ponder
For each packet that she sells a dime to be had
Her dirty face shows nothing but all that is sad

Pulling quickly away from intersection so busy
Compared to her my life so much more easy
Ignore her plight distance myself from the scene
Realizing life for many like her is so obscene
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Drool On Tie

Wobbling over to me planting his hands on my knee
Smiling up at me an angel i thought his face glowed
Gurgle he goes conversation tries he make with me
An idiot gurgle i back even though no sense i showed

As his mother said go ahead as child liked my way
Moment happy even as drool was part of my new tie
She asked how many kids as i looked expert in play
Father to son not yet but i want to be will i not lie

Alas flight was already calling go had i ever reluctant
Joshua his name whose forehead i kissed with a sigh
Oh how wished i to stay for more to be a participant

Playing with him left me feeling on mountain so high
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The Old Dog

Wrinkly old dog sleeps fitfully on sidewalk
Oblivious some notice then stop their talk
Sidestep him pass they all see but pretend
Old dog you wait your time to pass till it end

Tell me old dog what dream you of so deep
Dig for lost bone or maybe chasing sheep
Maybe even you dream of running in field
Or even a master you once stood to shield

Once you must have been a dog handsome
Your love for your master held you ransom
With a family who loved you like a member
Alas now nothing is left but to remember

Old dog I wish you nothing but gentle rest
Dreams that bring you memories the best
When final breath sighed peace will be found
Find you that place where endless love abound
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Thank You

Thank you for all your emails. I am thankful that the poems have touched many. I regret that I will not be answering any of your emails. But thank you again for your kind comments.


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