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Friday, November 02, 2007

2 Hours More

Almost 4am. Airport in 2 hours. No sleep since yesterday. Another 20 hours at least before i get some sleep. Life could be simpler. I wish.

The Perfect Woman

She Does Not Fart Ever Never
You Think Oh She Is So Clever
Never Sounds That Make One Shiver
Rather Release Like A Mere Whisper

Never Hear Her Belch You Will
Like Some Old Dog That Had His Fill
Rather Delicately Her Hand Will Lift
To Cover Her Mouth With A Sniff

Sweat You Will Never Shall See
Even On A Hot Day By The Sea
Odd It Seems Than Even On Fire
The Most Seen Is Her Perspire

Swearing Never Past Her Lips
Maybe Shit or Hell She Lets Slip
In Tooth Ache She Will Suffer
All Might She Will Rip Is Bugger

But Where Art Thou You Perfect Woman
Is There A Sign Is There An Omen
But I Fear It Is But A Myth Be Damned
Bad Habits Men Always Be Shamed
Hello? Copyright OK? All Rights Reserved!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Perfect Woman.

Notice that there are a lot of women travelling alone. Or is it that i just never noticed? Think i will observe them. Maybe a Poem will come out of it.

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Connecting. Again.

I am tired. Connecting flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Can't wait to get back. 2 days workthen off to Port Dickson. Another Seminar. Bleh.

[Flight Delayed. Looks like going to miss connecting flight. Argh!]

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