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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wind Breaker

Any And All Women Who Break Wind
Alas We Blokes Just Sit Still And Grin
What Can We Do But Scrunch Our Noses
Yes Dear I Know, It Smells Of Roses
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This Place Again

Last Night I Dreamt Of This Place Again.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Inspired By ValleyGirl
I Want Someone To Love Me Only
That Is What I Always Wanted Frankly
To Be Devoted, Loving And Understand
I Will Exclaim This On Witness Stand

But Even As I Profess What I Seek
Is It Really Possible Be Make So It
As Hard You Love With All Your Heart
Somehow Eventually You Grow Apart

Then Why Was Did It Feel So Fulfilling
All Said And Done Had Much Meaning
Gradually She Drifted Away In Thought
Then With Me She Made It So We Fought

Then The Bitter Most Pill That Followed
Broke My Heart A Man She Allowed
Intimately Touch Her Body Her Temple
Why God For Her Was It So Simple

That Is The Past Bad Bit I Forget
Allow Not Myself To Have Any Regret
No More Grandiose Dreams I Let
Experienced Now I Will Not Be Sad

I Have Loved, Lost And Learned
But My Search For Her Will Burn
She May Not be At All That Perfect
Love Never Us It Lets To Select

So Here I Stand With Heart In Wait
Perhaps The Path Is Found Not Yet
Prepared To Death I Am Ready Be
Solitaire Heart Till Then You See

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When I Was Wee Lad

Every Friday Night At 8.00. On The Floor In Front Of The Telly. The Six Million Dollar Man. Mouth Agape in Awe. Lee Majors WAS My Hero.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ah! Women

Inspired By Granduncle Ranting About Grandaunt

Ah! Women Come In Many Packages
So Varied Just Like Lovely Sausages
Some You Can Blow, Made From Plastic
Some Live So Long They Make You Sick

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Sharks Fin Soup Anyone?

Until I get Through ALL The Shots From The KLCC Aquaria Visit, This Is It. One Huge Shark. Anyone Having A Craving For Sharks Fin Soup? Bad! Bad! Bad!

Misplaced Again

Lost My Reading Glasses AGAIN. Waddafak!

Small Toothed Palm Civet

Already Dark When This Tame Civet Came To The Farm House. A Regular Visitor, It Is One Of Two That Was Brought Up As Babies And Left To Roam About As They Were Growing. It Had This Sweetish Smell.
Kinda Cool To See 'Wildlife' Coming To Visit.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fuelling In Lanchau

Fuelling Up In Lanchau. Another 2 Hours.

Not So Easy

If Love Was Just That Easy To Find
Then It Would Mean Nothing To Our Mind
Nothing To Write To Wonder To Savour
Life Then Would Really Lose Its Flavour
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Heading to Kanowit. Just an overnighter visit to a Mate's farm.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Talented Photographer

Check Dan Out. Awesome Photo's.
[Want To Cry. My Skills Suck. Big Time.]


Dancing Clouds

Above Me The Clouds They Dance
Across The Sky Quick Like A Trance
Are You Really Out There Just Beyond
Like A Gentle Ripple Across The Pond
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Now You Know

That I Once Was A War Movie Extra

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Ecological Footprint Quiz

Ever wondered how much 'nature' your lifestyle requires? You are about to find out here.


Recycle Your Trash Bags

Into A Messenger Bag!
Take a look at this! Never made before and it's brilliant. Recycle and make the change.


Let's See

Just emailed Exabytes. See how fast they come back to my query to a domain registration. Mind you, its a Public Holiday today.

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Finally I Signed Up

Finally. I Signed Up.


This You Must See

a Fascinating Multimedia Presentation on CO2 Production

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What I Will Change

In Support of Today, Blog Action Day

1. Use My Bicycle More
Cycle to the shops more often instead of driving my fat arse. C’mon. 500 meters is not that far to cycle. So what if you arrive all sweaty? It’s good for me anyways.

2. Bring A Shopping Bag
Yes. Get one of those rattan baskets. Instead of bringing home so many plastic bags and not having a use for them.

3. Plan My Trips Better
Plan my daily runabouts. Going around in circles is a waste of petrol. The savings end up in my pocket.

4. Cut Down On The Electrics
Get timers and run the air conditioners just before I get home, instead of running 24/7. Use energy saving bulbs and timers too for the refrigerators. Turn off between 12.00am and 7.00am.

5. Stop Stuffing My Face
Cut down on those midnight snacks. Stop eating when I think I am hungry but are not. Ban chocolates, biscuits and sweets from the car.
[Better Do It. Rather Than Talk Cock.]

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Today. Blog Action Day.

The best way to participate is to post on your blog something that relates to the environment. Your post can be about anything to do with the environment.
Don't forget to Register Your Blog.

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Twas Very Very Quiet

The roads were very very quiet this morning. Very surreal for a Monday morning.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

KLCC Aquaria Mermaid

Slight detour on last weekend's trip to the KLCC Convention Centre to the KLCC Aquaria, which is on a lower level. Saw the Mermaid on her bum.
I think she got scared of me staring.
And all was left was the view of her bum.
KLCC Aquaria. No bang for your buck.

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Asian Cuisine

The post by pinkcotton got me curious about Asian Cusine. I shall visit soon. And comment.


The Look Of Love

One Of My All Time Favs.


Will We Meet?

Walking Alone On This Beach
Gaze Afar I Do As Try I Reach
Where May Be The One That I Seek
In This Lifetime Will We Meet?
Hello? Copyright Ok? All Rights Reserved!


They Have Grown

Only been 6 weeks. They looked so cute before. I wonder how soon will Mr. & Mrs. Chinese Geese start having eggs again? Can't wait.

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Streamyx Sucks