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Friday, October 12, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

And tomorrow, we all go stuff ourselves...


Cempedaks Hanging

Don't they look lovely? That tree is fruiting a bit early but HURRAY! for me. Can't wait to taste it. [Salivates]
[PostNote - To a answer of what the fruit looks like please see a stock photo here. When the fruit is ripe enough i will of course place a post here and even show how it can be cooked. Yes, a curry, fried and the seeds can be boiled.]

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Blog Action Day

15th October. Blog Action Day.


Did You Know...

That Cempedak season is here? Yay...!

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Roti Canai

Where is the best Roti Canai in Kuching?


Sun Bear Again

This was emailed to me and supposedly was taken at the Matang Wildlife Centre. Must go to see for myself.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mee Jawa Surprise!

The ‘Mee Jawa’ was the last of a series for the new menu. Previous sample dishes were being eaten by the staff. Told them not to eat the Mee Jawa. Barely 2 minutes later one of the waiters enjoying it. You should have seen his face when he saw the dirty napkin that I used to 'bulge' up the noodles.

He Has Blasted Off

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can You Tell Me?

This is a flowering vine (which i nicked from a friends backyard a long time ago) which gives out the nicest scent, almost like the of pandan leaves. I love it. Can someone tell me the name of this vine?

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Getting Stressed Out

Yesterday a stock count was done at the Cafe and 'lo and behold there are things missing. Canned drinks, flavourings, even the telephone charger and not to mention bits and pieces of the cutlery.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Sun Bear

The WSPA website got me thinking about if Matang Wildlife Centre has any Sun Bears? Must visit and check it out.

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I am Depressed

Well actually Jealous. Jealous of these blokes. Damn. They sure have very fine skills there. Well at least i have more hair on MY Chest!
Pink Is NOT My Colour.

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Should I?

...Should I?

PostNote - Sent an email to these jokers 3 days ago. No response. As my Malay friend would say "Ape-leh ini?'

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Worth It?

Almost 2 weeks. No kolo mee, tomato kueh tiaw and laksa. I lost 3 lb's. All Right!

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Saving The Bear

A Quick Plug...
This tiny bear was little more than skin and bone when she was found – weighing just 2kg. She had been abandoned by her mother, who she was completely reliant on, when their den was destroyed. Orphaned, terrified and desperately hungry, the tiny cub would surely have died had she not been rescued. Even just an hour longer would probably have been too late. More...

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Busy Weekend

I spent the whole day indoors at the KLCC Convention Centre. Even managed to sneak into the Aquaria for some shots. My photo taking skills suck. Lunch was a rush and only managed this shot of the Petronas Twin Towers.
By the way. There was this Mermaid at the Aquaria. Will upload later. She didn't look anything at all like this.

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Streamyx Sucks