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Saturday, September 29, 2007

And He Is Going For...?

The Expedition 16 Crew Members
The Expedition 16 crew members who will blast off to the International Space Station on October 10th.
From the left (front row) are Russia's Federal Space Agency Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, Flight Engineer and Soyuz Commander, Astronaut Peggy Whitson, Commander and Malaysian spaceflight participant Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. From the left (back row) European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut LĂ©opold Eyharts, Astronaut Garrett Reisman and Astronaut Dan Tani, all Flight Engineers.
My question is what is Malaysian spaceflight participant Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor going to do (apart from having an all expense paid holiday courtesy of the Malaysian taxpayer to the international space station) up there when he is only a spaceflight participant? Make Teh Tarik and distribute Visit Malaysia Brochures?

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Today I Realised

That the word
could stand for
all day i dream about sex


Friday, September 28, 2007

Remembering Sutti

Looking through a friends album, i came across a photo of a dog his family had. A Pomeranian. Brought back memories of Sutti. She followed the family across 2 continents and 5 different houses. I remember Mum getting pissed off at her because she liked to take a dump right in front of the front door everytime.
Sutti had to be put down one day after she got too close to one of the feeding bowls. I remember Brownie snapping at her and her eyeball popped out. It was sad having to follow Dad to the vet and seeing her being put down. I remember Dad stroking her telling her that she was a good dog. He cried.
[Now i am getting a bit teary eye'ed.]

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Wankers On The Road

I was cut off 3 times today in town. What is it with these frigging Wankers Drivers? Bleh!


A Pleasant Surprise

Dropped in the Kebun this morning on the way to Sematan. Perfect timing. One of the goats was giving birth. Pity could not stay longer for the twins to take their first steps.
That mess you see there is the Placenta.


The Weight Loss Plan

I need to lose some weight. My grand plan is to stop eating my usual kolo mee, tomato kueh tiaw and laksa for 2 weeks. I hope i don't suffer from withdrawal symtoms. God? Help me be strong.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Gibbon

No Questions. Period.

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Another New Word

The new word for this week is
Used describing a lame excuse.

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Coming 2 Years Now

I just realised that i have been blogging since December 2005. Well not regularly. But regular enough. And i am also thinking of a whole revamp of the blog's look but that is something to be decided when and if the time permits.
The traffic seems to be growing. Looking at report today, it showed 60 visitors from the day before and a total 4261 visitors since the 12th of June 2006. Nice!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still More Shit

Was looking through. I still have more shit to get rid off. Perhaps i should also 'offer' it here?


The Doctor Says

He said i should lose 10 kilo's at least. And all i did was to ask for his opinion on my knee. Bleh.



mIRC is Addictive.


Where To Take A Dump?

We have all gone through it. Suddenly we need to take a leak. Worse of all one of those tummy aches and we need to make a dump fast. But if you are in car in Kuching where can you go? I like the Kuching Hilton. Where do you go?


Up To My Neck In Mooncakes

I came down looking for a bite and raided the pantry. Just realised that there are quite a few boxes of mooncakes lurking in there courtesy of my lovely friends. Now i am wondering how long it will be before i can finish them all?
No idea what a mooncake looks like? Look here.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Knee Still Hurts

My knee still hurts. It was ok for a few days. Then i sprung it again while getting into the car. Bleh.


Any Suggestions?

I need to replace my P800. Its getting embarrassing when people glance at it and ask me what kind of phone is it. Know why? Because it was last on the market back in 2003! Geez!


I Miss Addy

I miss that Old Bitch.


Sinta Is Going Home

Sinta is going home to Kalimantan after 2 years of service. I am already thinking of what the new maid will be like?

Must Visit Grandpa

I must visit Grandpa. In case you are wondering he joined the 'underground movement' a few years back. Must put down what I remember about him soon.


The Two Pups

You should see the two pups, faces all swollen. Looks like Mange. Vets final diagnosis is that it's a hereditary issue. I can't even put their photo's up. Maybe later. Yeah. Much later. Yep. Much much later. When lunch has settled?


Handle's Messiah

I have never had an opportunity to listen to Handle's Messiah live. Now the Singapore Symphony Orchestra is performing it on the 1st of December. I am extremely tempted to attend it even if it means postponing my trip back home.


What Would You Do?

A gas cylinder went missing last tuesday from the Cafe gas store. Despite constant reminders via verbal and memo's to keep it under lock and key, someone screwed up. The staff must be shit scared because i was only told this morning that another cylinder went missing on Friday. Think should deduct the cost evenly from the kitchen staff paychecks?
Don't Get Mad. Get Even?


Monday, September 24, 2007

Remind Myself

I got to get the photo's of those 2 mutts ready for Sour Milk Chick. Looks like she has made a new start? Her blog is well....


My Rubbish

Took me almost 2 weekends to sort it all out. Geez. I sure have a lot of stuff that i squirreled away. Some brought good memories back. Most now on Ebay. Well that's that and done.

Places To Visit Before Dying

Streamyx Sucks