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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lost But Put To Terror Use

Early in 2006 at a small church in Trabzon Turkey, Father Andrea Santoro was kneeling in prayer when two bullets from a Austrian made Glock hit him in the back killing him . The 16 year old shooter said "Allahu Ak-Bar!" as he fled. When the Glock was found it bore the serial number FYX622.
In May of last year an attack was made at Turkey's Supreme Court by a Muslim fanatic killing 1 and wounding 4 with a pair of Glocks bearing serial numbers GFM737 and GNF823.
The source of all these weapons? Part of some 190,000 missing guns bought with U.S money since 2004 bought by the U.S Mission in Iraq for Baghdad's Interior Ministry and Iraqi Police. These weapons have become part of the black market that is fueling the violence in Iraq and is spreading elsewhere.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Poo Poo Fruit Salad

This is the Fruit Salad which was made for me by the Head Chef interviewed. Looks like a puppy did a poo poo over it. Why do they even bother call themselves 'executive' chefs? Bleh.
I feel like going back to cooking for a living.


Save Our Rhino

Save Our Sumatran Rhinos. Give Your Support.

My Dream Car Is Out

The 2007 SS V-Series Ute is out. Damn it. I wish i was back home to take a test drive. Damn it. I so want one. Damn it.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still Looking

Still looking for a Head Chef for The Cafe. All other positions been signed up. I am so bloody fussy.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tonight I Realised...

That Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven. But No Ones Wants To Die.


Who Are You Looking For?

Just had a visit from the old lady on the next lot. She walked into her kitchen this afternoon and found a young man standing there. He said he was looking for someone. She tells him that she lives alone. He casually picks up her purse from the kitchen table and leaves by the back gate. She just stood there dumbfounded.
[You can’t Be Safe Even In Your Own Home]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finally, Found The Short

Started digging...
And digging...
and more digging...
and digging...
Found it! Yayyyy....!!!


Chicken Shit

Went to the poultry farm this morning to buy some chicken shit. Tree's need some fertilising.
Must appreciate my eggs from now on. Poor chooks crammed in tiny cages and spend 2 years laying eggs, day in day out.
[UPDATE] I was given these 2 links that have been asked to be included here. They are Animal Australia & Animal Activisim.

[Gawd. Now I Feel So Guilty]


Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogging in the Jungle

Mossies sucking my face dry. Freaking dark and spooky. And its drizzling. Waiting for those bastards. Mobile blogging never felt so uncomfortable and inconvenient.


Am Still Digging

My back aches. My hands are sore. And am pissed off. Still have not found the problem to the short circuiting.


More Damage Done

They came in via the back through the river. Looks like same bunch of bastards from the longhouse. This time 9 came at 2am. Threw rocks and used a sling shot to scare the workers. Tonight we are going up with a shotgun. We will wait.
Broken window pane. Fuckers.
Thinking of electrifying the fence. Hope i kill some of them.


Fighting Cock Hill

A few month's ago i said i had gone with a friend who bought a fighting cock. I later bought a pair and started to breed them and this is the result. A whole hill of them. And that is why those bastards keep on breaking in.
Going up to check on the break in last night.


Then & Now Again

The front and back bungalow's are looking neglected. I really need to set time aside to spruce it all up. Looking back 6-7 years ago when the front and back bungalow's were new and now?


What a Monday

Whole day's worth digging looking for short circuit, barely halfway. Hands blistered and back aching. Too old for this shit.
2.00 am this morning the bastards came again and this time took off with 9 cocks. Damn these villagers. This is not the first time and will not be the last. Damaged fencing again.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh Wow

Some artist's really blow me away with their imagination. And Ruud van Empel is one of the very few.


A Long Weekend

Been putting off the idea of getting the short circuit between the front bungalow and back bungalow at the farm resolved. Friends are coming for a weekend so no choice but to get it fixed. Going to be a long weekend. Know nuts about wiring.
[Geez. I better get a updated photo of the bungalows]


Streamyx Sucks