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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sleeping Beauties

A few weeks ago i blogged about this place where i had gone to for some late supper. Yes, these were all of the staff that i photographed with my crappy P800.
She does look very tired. Poor thing.
He looks pooped. (He was the waiter)
He looks dead (He was the cook)
Dunno who the fark this was.
The best for last. The drinks maker.

[Bunch of Jokers]

His Nationality?

I got an email asking about the photo of the fellow taking a dump. Sorry. I don't know his nationality BUT can tell you it was supposedly taken in Delhi.


Snap Shots

I have been trying to get it to work. Damn. A really fine product. Thanks to the folks at snap-shots


Friday, August 10, 2007

Somethings Just Piss Me Off

Had been putting some time and money aside to get this car running again. Picked it up from the painters this morning. Dropped in at a supermarket for 5 minutes for some whipped cream. Now the car has chipped paint on BOTH sides of it. Damn these ignorant bastards to slam their car doors open.
[Damn It! Damn It! Damn It!)

Kamasutra Positions

Side Saddle Showgirl. Raised Missionary. Lazzie Doggie. Stand and Deliver. Deep Dish. The Plough. Rocking Chair. Sounded like wrestling moves to me. But Damn. They actually intercourse positions. I looked. Many sprained muscles, overstretched ligaments and dislocated joints would overcome me....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lombok Memories

I have been thinking of Lombok. It will be nice to go back there for a break. The last time i was there it was only for 3 nights, far too few for a place like Lombok. But i have a long break coming up in November back to Aussieland? Hmmmmm....
I did not got surfing but got to see some of the surfer's in action. Real daring people.
A lot of the views you get to see are so pretty. It was so extremely laid back.
Kuta Beach. How can you not appreciate Lombok with beaches like this just deserted for you to enjoy?

[I wonder if i should call Gemma & Made at MimpiManis and say 'Hello' to them? Been almost 2 years now since we last met.]


Monday, August 06, 2007

Nowhere Else?

Too good to wait till tommorow.
I hope you ain't had your breakfast yet.
[Was There Really Nowhere Else To Take A Dump?]


I Am Tired

Sorry. Still feeling buggered from the trip. Staggered in at almost 1.30am after 16 hours driving and 2 meals. Last stop was at Serian. Stuffed myself. Am going to bed to catch up on some sleep.


Streamyx Sucks