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Saturday, July 21, 2007

USS Kitty Hawk in Brissie

Darn it. I am depressed. The giant aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk has sailed into Brisbane. The USS Kitty Hawk is berthed in Brisbane until Monday. How i wish i was back.

[Darn It. Darn It. Darn It.]


Before Brooke

I never gave thought much to which whiteman was roaming around Kuching before Brooke. I always had it in my mind that Brooke came for a fee to settle some pirate problems for the Sultan of Brunei and decided to stay after he was paid for his services with a chunk of Borneo's western tip.
Then i came across this. This is an original antique print of Kuching, by T. v. Doesburg, published by C. Allard, Amsterdam This rare print was printed in 1695. 1695? Thats like almost 200 years BEFORE Brooke even heard of Kuching.
But it figures. After all the Dutch were galavanting around the whole countryside long before even then. Now imagine if Kuching were colonised by the Dutch instead?

To 3G or Not?

Being on the road so much and always needing to have internet access, at most times from remote areas, i am thinking of getting myself a 3G pack from Celcom. I did wander into the Celcom outlet at Jalan Satok but as usual their customer service was really too dumbstruck to tell me anything except that to recommend i visit one of their authorised dealers. I didn't bother for the moment.
I am used to having 3G back in Aussieland and was even more intrigued when there was some comment about the datacard's being from Vodafone and all? Now i am wondering which one of the datacards Celcom is using from Vodafone? And there is a rumour that the driver does not run well with Vista? Just being Ke-po.
The Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) lets me access at all times at speeds of up to 1.8Mbps (while in 3G Broadband coverage areas) and is 3G Broadband (HSDPA) and GPRS capable.

The Vodafone Mobile Connect Data Card (3G) lets me access my emails, business files and internet at all times at speeds of up to 384kbps (while in 3G coverage areas) and is also GPRS capable.
I figure the asking price from Celcom of RM120/- per month is not too bad, but this needs to be confirmed and as usual there is always those surprises weiting for you at the billing result. Probably some extra metered charge for roaming outside a designated area.

[Then Of Course The SPEED. As Bad As TM Net?]
[Why Are The Photo's Lopsided? Waddafak!]


Friday, July 20, 2007

Hard At Work?

I was given this link and watched dumbfounded. Just when you thought you seen everything and anything to do with Malaysian Goverment Officers, they surprise you. Now we know what some of them are up to during office hours.

Now the question is if the Goverment is even aware of what goes on in their elevators?
[Horny. Never would know with the Suit and Tudung eh?]

Once To A Zoo

I Went To The Zoo. Once.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

How To Know...?

I was asked today. How do you know if you are in love with this girl? If you find her fart's cute and smell nice then i guess you will know.

Ruby's Story

I was given this CD last year and enjoyed listening to it. Indigenous singer/songwriters Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter join forces with the Australian Art Orchestra on the most exciting roots/jazz project out of Australia in '05. The album has a celebratory feel and a musical richness which draws on country, gospel, classical and jazz music.
Then i was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Australian Art Orchestra is going to be performing it together with the same performers, Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach in KL at the KL Performing Arts Center. Its for one night only slated for the 31st.

[I am so not going to miss this.]

You Know...?

Blogging really takes a lot of time?
... and if i blogged about everything that goes on with my life everyday? I won't have time for much else!

Being Cranky

I am feeling slightly cranky this morning. Too many late nights too little sleep. I wanted to crash out by midnight but there were so many things going around in my head, i think i finally dozed off around 3.00 am.
I think i am going to plan my holiday. I deserve one. Its been too long.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

China Girl

Tonight was interesting. There was some entertainment to be done and there was this request for some 'girls'. Ended up at this joint called Lido. 4 of us and a selection of China girls and Filipino chicks.
We were given the round of sad stories of how they have to work so hard coming from some remote corner of their respective countries. That they were good, simple village girls. They wanted a simple life and a good husband. La di and da da and da...
Then i nearly choked on my beer. China girl whispered to me in her chinglish. 'I go home with you mister? Good service. Only RM800.00.' I looked at her like blankly momentarily shocked. She whispers back 'I like you misterrrr... You good man. For you RM700.00? Ok?'
I asked for the bill and quickly went off leaving the rest to enjoy themselves giving some half assed excuse.
[I got better things to do with RM700.00 even more adter listening to your sob story]

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Sale

Being such a procrastinator, i better start my list now.
1. .....!
2. .....!
[OK. I will really start tomorrow. Honest!]


How To Get Rid Of It All?

I was looking through some of the boxes. Wow. I sure have a lot of useless stuff. Now i am thinking if i should get rid of them somehow? From books to reptile probes, from records to old leather jackets. Lelong.com.my? Ebay?

[All that money wasted. Howllllll.....!]


Ok. I finally decided and signed the papers to lease the place. No going back now.
[What am i doing?]

A Prelude

I went for supper to this place that shall remain nameless. The food was so so and the service was lacking but what can you expect from a Gerai?
But the story doesn't end here. Wait till i post some photo's of the staff sleeping on the job. No one was awake and had any inkling their mug shots were taken.

Monkey Lady

I got introduced to Miss Chin this morning. Nice lady. Apparently she was the one featured over that monkey business thing a while back. Its a pity they people concerned never did their job properly.
I wonder where are the monkeys now?

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Looks Familiar

Ok, i took a break on Sunday evening and made a trip to the Kebun. I feel a bit bad about leaving the place neglected. Anyways, mucking about in the stream bathing the dogs, i caught sight of this fish. Looks like a close relative of the famous Siamese Fighting Fish? I never thought there were wild cousins even here in this backwater stream.


Streamyx Sucks