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Saturday, July 07, 2007

She Cummed?

I am having a good laugh at this godforsaken hour.
I stumbled upon her website and read her take on Transformers. She cummed? Orgasmic experience?
This little girl clearly has NEVER cummed before!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Die Die

I have decided to take up the challenge. To set up my own cafe where i will be able to eat what i want. I am so pumped up. Damnit.
[Am i going to regret it?]


Just Wondering?

I am already busy. But i am also up for a challenge all the time. Perhaps i should really seriously look into opening a Cafe where i will be able to set the menu to my own choice and enjoy eating what i want. The logo i am have now already sets me in the mood to make a go of it. Shall i?
[Yeahhhhhh... Dadi Koollllll.....]

Happy Valley

My taste buds must be buggered. Almost each and every time i am recommended a eatery i will find fault with it. Tonight was no exception.
The fruit juice (I had honey dew) was proclaimed (by the waitress that walked kinda funny) to be 'sugar free' and 'no water added'. I was conned. It was well watered down or they used the most bland honey dew they could find. The comments from my two fellow kakimakan was not complimentary.
I felt like PK my old Labrador when i begun eating the pork and lamb cuts. Now i know what it is like to chew on rubber soles. The sambal timun was shitty. I thought sambal belacan was supposed to be a blend of belachan, chilis, onions and a tinge of lime?. The chicken curry was not too bad. Just between you and me i could whip up a much better dish. The garlic bread was a joke.
Who are these people fooling? Apparently many from the crowd that was there. Either my taste buds are buggered, kuchingnites really have nowhere to eat or they too dumb to recognise bad food.

[I was sarcastically told to open my own eatery if i was so clever]


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Addy is gone

I came back from an early dinner and found Addy lying down in the middle of the driveway. Immediately i thought that as usual she was being her lazy self and did not want to move. I knew something was wrong when she didn't bother to move.
Addy was buried in the garden just before nine. As i write this i am thinking of the day i brought her home as a puppy in Australia and how i missed her too much and brought her back to be with me. She wasn't very old, only 9 and i have no idea why she passed on so suddenly.
[I will sorely miss that old bitch]


Damn It

Yep. Feel Just Like That Now. Damn It!

What a Monster!

I finally kept my promise to her, to bring her fishing at the farm. Its been a long time since i even thought about the fishes in ponds there. Most of the fishes were probably long gone from all the thieving that has been going on. I left them all there and went to eat breakfast at the farm house. We kept an eye out for her by the pond.She hardly moved. Amazing. Just to catch a fish. I was a pessimist.
But she caught a Whooper!

I stocked the ponds a few years back with some Talapia and Callosoma which were bought from this fresh water fish supplier at the 7th mile bazzaar. I really have to find out more about that fish from the pond. I did a search and cannot find any information on it but the spelling could be wrong. Why? Because that fish looks like a big mama version of a Red Bellied Piranha.


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