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Saturday, June 30, 2007


[Phone Ringssss….]

Me : Hello.
Jo : You want to watch Transformers?
Me : Caught it already.
Jo : Wahhhh… Why never call us?
Me : Call you for what?
Jo : To see Transformers!
Me : Silence
Jo : So?
Me : What?
Jo : You want to watch Transformers?
Me : Again?
Jo : We want you to come with us.
Me : Call you back! Low batt! Hello? Hello? Hello?

[Ever been to the movies with a bunch of middleaged spinsters? Its like a bloody prison riot]

Twitter is fun BUT....

Somehow the timing is buggered...

Remember Her?

For some of you who follow my blog you will remember Opa. She was the stray which came into the compound and had those 6 puppies. I am going to bring her to the vet and have her spayed on Monday. Can't risk her somehow getting preggers. Don't want to go through the whole thing in trying to find homes for a litter of puppies again.
I forgot to mention i kept one of her pups. All grown up now but i wonder if i should also spay her too?


What do i look like?

An email just popped in and apparently i have a very curious visitor. Thank you for the kind words (actually feeling a wee bit flattered) but i will not email you my photo nor answer most of your many questions. But what i will tell you is Yes, i am based in Kuching, No, i am not of Chinese decent, No, i am old enough to be your father *chuckle*, No, i do not have a girlfriend, and No, i will not give you my contact and No, i will not tell you my name but it starts with A, A for Arsehole.
This blog is purely for myself, to write down some of what goes on in my head. Yes, i could place loads more from my work and social activities, much much more. I have not even bothered putting a photo of myself. I don't want to even be recognised on the street. This is a personal blog.
Be patient. One day perhaps more will be revealed?
The suspense! The suspense!

Nice Detour

I had to make a trip to Lundu for some work and decided to drop in to the beach. The sea air was wonderful and the beach was relatively quiet. Somehow islands looked very close today.
[Good to have some time alone away from all the hassles.]

Friday, June 29, 2007

An Invitation...

I received an invitation. Its a singles only trip for 18 days to Italy. But what am i going to be doing with a bunch of middle aged singles? Yep. Planned for those between 40 and 59. There must be something wrong with me or the people i call friends.


I Want A Home

Yes, Just Like This
With A Front Gate Like This
And A Backyard Like This
With View Like This
And Sunsets Exactly Like This.

I Want One Of These

An R44

Oh Gawd Oh Gawd

Ok. I Am At A Lost For Words.

Starting Again...

Damn. Muzzafar called to report on another break in at the farm. This time these bastards did not get away with anything. Thank God for the farm dogs. But they made a mess of the fencing. Looks like this weekend we will be looking for a suitable dead tree to chainsaw to replace the broken fence.
Damn these Buggers!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poor Dog

The dogs did not hesitate one bit when the cake was offered to them. I looked at them all diligently lick off all the cream from the floor stealing glances at me probably thinking more cake was going to appear. Fat chance.

As i stood there looking at them, my thoughts turned to this stray dog i saw in Tanjung Pelanduk along this stretch of deserted beach. It was sniffing along and just sat there and didn't move. Just panting and staring at me. Poor dog, i only had some mineral water at hand. I wondered if it had someone that loved it as a pet?

As i headed back to bed, i turned around and said to my dogs.

''You lucky Bitches!''


The Cake

I was feeling a bit peckish and went peeking into the fridge.
There it was, looking so tempting, almost hypnotising.
I resisted. I remember the disappointment.

You are still the same crap cake i tasted from yesdterday.
I wonder if the dogs will have a go at you?
[Orange Cheese Cake My FOOT!]

Red Faced

I was having a minor problem with my mobile phone. Headed down quickly to the dealer during the lunch break. When i pulled out my phone the salesgirls gave this like snickering smile. Heh? Then i was told that NONE of their customers carry this model anymore.
''Long time oredi no one use this model misterrrr...
Oredi got few models upgraded...''
Has it been that long i thought? Well yes. This phone has lasted me a little over 4 years! Will i buy the latest model, the P990i? I dunno. I am feeling so tight arsed about having to cough up that amount of money. I decided to call a friend. Her response?
''You got so much money to upgrade better you
instead buy cheaper model and then use savings
to buy me one since mine is already 6 months old''
[Sometimes i wish i had a gun]

Crappy Cake

Picked the cake up. Orange Cheese Cake. Dissapointment.
Sponge cheese flavoured with orange tasting cream.
Don't even know if i will bother taking a photo.
Wasted my RM40.00. Bleh!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Was Why...

During dinner, a very sweet girl made a comment. Its was about my forearms. No, not that it was muscular. No, not because they were very tanned. No, not because they were silky smooth like a baby's bottom. It was because they were pretty well scratched up.
I told her that it was from all the walking about in the jungle on unmarked trials. She could not understand. She asked why are there so many sharp things in the jungle? I was really tired and changed the subject. Then i also wondered. Then i looked through some shots and show everyone here. See what i walked through 2 weeks ago?

The trial you see was made after we came out.

Damnit. I Cannot Wait.

Orange Cheese Cake?
I really want to see what comes up in the morning.


Orange Cheese Cake?

I will be honest. I am a sucker for a slice of cheese cake at any time of the day. Its one of the few foods which somehow makes me happy. So this evening i was given the number of a lady whom supposedly bakes from her home and is very popular.
My interest sparked when a list of the cake this lady bakes, mysteriously appeared in this friends hand via her handbag complete with the price. That line showed 'Orange Cheese Cake'. I have had many a cheesecake but never this.
I am picking up the cake from her house in the morning. Something tells me i may have been suckered into parting with RM40.00 for something which is not going to taste as fantastic as it sounds.


Things Never Expected

I was already in bed about to nod off. An sms arrived and after a quick phone call back i just sat down and shook my head. The Rabid Wolverine was dead. A check on the WWE website confirmed it.

I cannot tell you the countless times i sat there awed by his abilities in the ring. Almost 22 years in the business he never ceased to amaze me with his skills. Simply awesome. The dedication he had put into this sport is simply one which deserves the utmost respect. The record clearly states his achievements in the short time he had with us.


Chris Benoit

(Thanks Frank for letting me know. Cheers Mate.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bloody Shameless...

I finally came on to see. Bloody shameless. Promised myself more than 5 months ago that i would come on and do some updating.

Too much has happened since. Its really all a blur now. So many things done and left unfinished. Look at me ramble muttering. Will tell all. Remember those puppies that came from that stray? One of them has given birth to her own pups. I will post photo's soon.

Geez. Its been far too long.

Don't Ask...

Streamyx Sucks