------- waddafak: Prayer For 2008

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Prayer For 2008

God Please Take Away My Habits That Are Bad
But Know You Say No But Not To Make Me Sad
Because I Know Tis Not For You To Take Away
Rather More For Me To Give Up You Will Say

God Make Me Patient In My Undertakings Daily
But Know You Will Say No Rather Say Me Silly
Patience Comes From Life’s Tribulations Be Earned
Grant It You Will Not Because It I Have To Learned

God Can You Help Spare Me Some Of My Pain
But Know That You Will Not As There Is Be Gain
As All My Pain Pulls Me Apart From Worldly Care
Hence Brings Me Closer To You Better I Shall Fare

God Can You Give Me Happiness In Coming Year
But Know That You Will Say No But Have No Fear
Because You Have Already Blessed Me With Life
Happiness Up To Me To Make Happen To For Strive

Lastly God Help Me Love Others As They Do Me
But Know That You Say Yes As Now I Clearly See
World May See Me As One Person So Insignificant
But To One I Just Might Be The World Magnificent

Thank You God!


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