------- waddafak: Cheers Old Buddy

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cheers Old Buddy

The sky was still dark when the news came
Listening realizing was never to be the same
Knew was of you my friend from childhood
One less us alive one less of the brotherhood

Sad though I sat and wondered till it was light
Remember experiences made me smile bright
Watching the day come rise from its slumber
Our friendship was good always will remember

Continents apart for us each have years lived
So young your life snatched still hard believed
Effort made we have always to each to keep tab
Despite your parting now I at all do not feel sad

All I to recollect is of our youth was so happy
Never complained did we when life was crappy
Never a time can say it was the opposite at all
Play then work hard poverty never back to fall

Already all of us have been told your passing
Emotions some have showed shock realizing
All promise on the soon coming new year eve
On your grave we shall celebrate and not grief

Knowing that this is what you have before joke
Party your death because you were a good bloke
So on your tombstone we will lay that cold stubby
Just like old times to have a chat a yarn old buddy
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