------- waddafak: One Wish To Have

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Wish To Have

To Wake To You My Love Again
Perhaps A Morning Wet With Rain
To Watch You Linger In Your Sleep
Wonder What Dream You So Deep

Night Last Was One Uneasy I Slept
Into My Slumber Promise You Kept
Forehead Gently Kissed Me So Softly
Telling Me You Love Me Forever Baby

Flickered My Eyes Slightly Confused
Reality Struck My Eyes Felt to Fused
Alas Sad I Was For Then I Knew Again
A Mere Dream That Was All Gained

So Darling One Wish Is All I Seek
Neither For The Strong Nor Meek
Death For Me Who Loves You Darling
So Knowing You Await Me Smiling
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