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Monday, October 15, 2007

What I Will Change

In Support of Today, Blog Action Day

1. Use My Bicycle More
Cycle to the shops more often instead of driving my fat arse. C’mon. 500 meters is not that far to cycle. So what if you arrive all sweaty? It’s good for me anyways.

2. Bring A Shopping Bag
Yes. Get one of those rattan baskets. Instead of bringing home so many plastic bags and not having a use for them.

3. Plan My Trips Better
Plan my daily runabouts. Going around in circles is a waste of petrol. The savings end up in my pocket.

4. Cut Down On The Electrics
Get timers and run the air conditioners just before I get home, instead of running 24/7. Use energy saving bulbs and timers too for the refrigerators. Turn off between 12.00am and 7.00am.

5. Stop Stuffing My Face
Cut down on those midnight snacks. Stop eating when I think I am hungry but are not. Ban chocolates, biscuits and sweets from the car.
[Better Do It. Rather Than Talk Cock.]

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