------- waddafak: Monogamy

Friday, October 19, 2007


Inspired By ValleyGirl
I Want Someone To Love Me Only
That Is What I Always Wanted Frankly
To Be Devoted, Loving And Understand
I Will Exclaim This On Witness Stand

But Even As I Profess What I Seek
Is It Really Possible Be Make So It
As Hard You Love With All Your Heart
Somehow Eventually You Grow Apart

Then Why Was Did It Feel So Fulfilling
All Said And Done Had Much Meaning
Gradually She Drifted Away In Thought
Then With Me She Made It So We Fought

Then The Bitter Most Pill That Followed
Broke My Heart A Man She Allowed
Intimately Touch Her Body Her Temple
Why God For Her Was It So Simple

That Is The Past Bad Bit I Forget
Allow Not Myself To Have Any Regret
No More Grandiose Dreams I Let
Experienced Now I Will Not Be Sad

I Have Loved, Lost And Learned
But My Search For Her Will Burn
She May Not be At All That Perfect
Love Never Us It Lets To Select

So Here I Stand With Heart In Wait
Perhaps The Path Is Found Not Yet
Prepared To Death I Am Ready Be
Solitaire Heart Till Then You See

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