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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lost But Put To Terror Use

Early in 2006 at a small church in Trabzon Turkey, Father Andrea Santoro was kneeling in prayer when two bullets from a Austrian made Glock hit him in the back killing him . The 16 year old shooter said "Allahu Ak-Bar!" as he fled. When the Glock was found it bore the serial number FYX622.
In May of last year an attack was made at Turkey's Supreme Court by a Muslim fanatic killing 1 and wounding 4 with a pair of Glocks bearing serial numbers GFM737 and GNF823.
The source of all these weapons? Part of some 190,000 missing guns bought with U.S money since 2004 bought by the U.S Mission in Iraq for Baghdad's Interior Ministry and Iraqi Police. These weapons have become part of the black market that is fueling the violence in Iraq and is spreading elsewhere.
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