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Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Good Idea

I was thinking of documenting my trip to Brunei by road last night. Nah. Too much work and what photo's would i even bother to put up? Photo's of me pissing at 5am at the road side? Photo of some meal being taken as i eat at some road side stall? Gawd. How i hate those photo's taken with the blog author's giving out that damn peace sign.
I get this idea to document the road trip from high up above with Google Earth. Clever me i thought what with my recent mobile data card. After logging on i discovered that only a very small portion of the state has a decent resolution. The rest of it is buggered, hardly able to make out anything. I guess the only thing that can be shown is where did i start off my trip with this morning. Can you guess which is my house?
Later tonight when the connection is better i shall see if Brunei itself has a decent resolution to show where did i end this butt flattening journey.
[Another 7 hours to go. Fark.]

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