------- waddafak: What a Monster!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

What a Monster!

I finally kept my promise to her, to bring her fishing at the farm. Its been a long time since i even thought about the fishes in ponds there. Most of the fishes were probably long gone from all the thieving that has been going on. I left them all there and went to eat breakfast at the farm house. We kept an eye out for her by the pond.She hardly moved. Amazing. Just to catch a fish. I was a pessimist.
But she caught a Whooper!

I stocked the ponds a few years back with some Talapia and Callosoma which were bought from this fresh water fish supplier at the 7th mile bazzaar. I really have to find out more about that fish from the pond. I did a search and cannot find any information on it but the spelling could be wrong. Why? Because that fish looks like a big mama version of a Red Bellied Piranha.


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