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Monday, July 23, 2007

Remove What?

Even after stuffing myself with a late lunch i was hungry again by 5.00pm. I was happy when a mate called and asked if we could have some Kopi-O and Roti Kiap. Just as we were about to light up he shoots me a matter-of-fact statement. 'My Girlfriend asked me to go sunat'
I nearly chocked on my ciggie. Since when did he get involved with a Malay girl? How come he agreed to convert? When did he dump his hot Chinese girlfriend?
Apparently my friend got told off by his Girlfriend. Seems this dirty fella put her off with his ummmm... unhygienic ways? Poor girl. I cannot imagine the horror she would have had when pulling back the foreskin she discovered some Jam. Foreskin jam to be precise. Jesus. I was laughing so hard at him then and am still doing it now.
Well, serves him right. I could only console him and explain to him what actually transpires during the procedure to remove that excess skin. But still the look on his face. He is so scared but for the sake of sex he is going to do it. Its going to be a drought for the new few weeks.

In case some of you lads out there do not know how its done please take a nice look at the diagram. Circumcision is the way to go. No regrets. Ever.
[Wonder if he is game for some before and after photo's?]

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