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Monday, July 23, 2007

Not Bad

Here i am, stuffed from a late lunch having devoured a plate of nasi goreng cina. But i am feeling pleased as i type and update this particular blog using my new 3G connection. Wasn't all that difficult to install.
But i was a bit cheesed off with Celcom customer service this morning. When i mentioned that i wanted to subscribe to 3G they could not recommend fast enough that i see one of their authorised agents. I think as usual they will push anything remotely technical to anyone apart from themselves
Anyway back to the 3G card, initially there were some problems as the driver supplied did not want to work well with Windows Vista. But since that has been solved i must admit that the speed is not too bad.
[All I Need Now Is To Fix My Camera Dowdload Issues And All Will Be Fine. Blogging On The Road Will Be Fun As I Will Be Able To Use Up Those Spare Moments Usefully.]
Streamyx Sucks