------- waddafak: China Girl

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

China Girl

Tonight was interesting. There was some entertainment to be done and there was this request for some 'girls'. Ended up at this joint called Lido. 4 of us and a selection of China girls and Filipino chicks.
We were given the round of sad stories of how they have to work so hard coming from some remote corner of their respective countries. That they were good, simple village girls. They wanted a simple life and a good husband. La di and da da and da...
Then i nearly choked on my beer. China girl whispered to me in her chinglish. 'I go home with you mister? Good service. Only RM800.00.' I looked at her like blankly momentarily shocked. She whispers back 'I like you misterrrr... You good man. For you RM700.00? Ok?'
I asked for the bill and quickly went off leaving the rest to enjoy themselves giving some half assed excuse.
[I got better things to do with RM700.00 even more adter listening to your sob story]
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