------- waddafak: What do i look like?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

What do i look like?

An email just popped in and apparently i have a very curious visitor. Thank you for the kind words (actually feeling a wee bit flattered) but i will not email you my photo nor answer most of your many questions. But what i will tell you is Yes, i am based in Kuching, No, i am not of Chinese decent, No, i am old enough to be your father *chuckle*, No, i do not have a girlfriend, and No, i will not give you my contact and No, i will not tell you my name but it starts with A, A for Arsehole.
This blog is purely for myself, to write down some of what goes on in my head. Yes, i could place loads more from my work and social activities, much much more. I have not even bothered putting a photo of myself. I don't want to even be recognised on the street. This is a personal blog.
Be patient. One day perhaps more will be revealed?
The suspense! The suspense!
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