------- waddafak: Red Faced

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Red Faced

I was having a minor problem with my mobile phone. Headed down quickly to the dealer during the lunch break. When i pulled out my phone the salesgirls gave this like snickering smile. Heh? Then i was told that NONE of their customers carry this model anymore.
''Long time oredi no one use this model misterrrr...
Oredi got few models upgraded...''
Has it been that long i thought? Well yes. This phone has lasted me a little over 4 years! Will i buy the latest model, the P990i? I dunno. I am feeling so tight arsed about having to cough up that amount of money. I decided to call a friend. Her response?
''You got so much money to upgrade better you
instead buy cheaper model and then use savings
to buy me one since mine is already 6 months old''
[Sometimes i wish i had a gun]
Streamyx Sucks