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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Websites and Asswipes

The phone rang last Sunday evening. It was a frantic lass from the office on the mainland. My well deserved pleasant Sunday evening was jolted by her voice saying ‘Boss? Our website disappeared!‘ Calming her down I thought it was probably a server problem ( I was trying to sound like I am so damn smart) or something related to the hosting company. I let it be not wanting to spoil my day.

Monday see’s me foaming at the mouth. The website is really gone. In its place is some banner. A clue on it tells me ‘To Renew This Website Please Click Here’ Long story make short story yes, the domain registration had expired. Now head’s are going to roll because someone in the office fucked up big time.

Emails are traced back, invoices are gone through and calls are made. No emails were ever received to remind us of the due dates. The company that did the design including arranged for the registration and hosting cannot be contacted. Numbers listed is no longer in use. As the thought of all those files that have possibly gone missing run through my mind I start to sweat.

Late morning and calls start coming in. What happened to the emails? Why can’t we log in? Ok, now I start to get mad. I really need/want to stomp somebody to a bloody pulp. Phone calls are made, threats are made and a number is produced. It’s the mobile number of the asswipe boss of the company that folded down. I call. No answer. Keep calling. And calling. Girl answers. Her boss not around. She offers to help. I explained. She says ‘ Oh Yah! I remember faxing you the invoice 2 days ago! ‘ I mumble stifling a run of obscenities. 2 days ago was Saturday Fool. And who did you fax to? She rummages some papers and comes up with a number I never heard before. I tell her we have never heard of this number nor heard of it. She replies that she only acted on instruction from her asswipe boss.

5 minutes later she faxes us the bill. We have to cough up RM268.00 for domain re-registration and hosting for 1 year before they can do anything. Yeah. All this worry when you did not do YOUR job and act responsibly to advise us of deadlines? Fuck You-lah. A quick call to the lawyer and a subsequent letter to this asswipe company (operating under a different name now) makes them sweat bullets. 24 hours later the site is up and running without having to pay a single cent yet.

Having experienced again the bitter pill in dealing with local asswipe hosting companies I have made the decision to go into this business myself and give this asswipes a run for their money. I will make it my mission to take away all your business by stealing all your customers and telling all what kind of twits you are.

Fucking Asswipes.
Streamyx Sucks