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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Don't Scare Men

Midriff-baring shirts, stretch pants, short shorts, and low-riding tight jeans look great on women who have the body to match. But they are downright scary when they're stretched over a woman with a super wide ass, hanging marmary glands and a drooping beer belly. Britney Spears' clothes on a fat chick is a sight that no man should ever be forced to see.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Left To Rot

At the end of this timber track in the upper reaches of Sungai Rambungan, there were these 2 perahu's. They look like they have been there for a while. A long while judging from the bleached look of the timber. They were not rotted but a few planks were missing.
Was wondering, thats all. In the middle of nowhere there were 2 perahu's. Left like that. If only they could spin the tale.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Went A Searching

I have been wanting to do this a long time. For a darn long time in fact. I searched before along the years whenever there was an opportunity like All Souls Day and such. Asking the relatives was a waste of time. None knew where to find those gravestones. It figure's i guess when its been more than 70 years and no one in the family gives 2 hoots about such things.
Now i have seen for myself and know exactly where they are lay buried. My Great Grand Parents. I feel happy, but sad at the same time. Talk about getting neglected. I never knew them in real life. But at least i can pay my long overdue respects now.
[InnerVoice] Well you better do something about their crappy looking gravestones since no one else will huh?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What Kind Is It?

It was there yesterday not far from the edge of the farm. We were getting some bamboo shoots for dinner and came out of nowhere snorting away. For a moment i thought it was a wild boar but the color was all wrong. I figure it must have been an escaped babi kampung
Looks cute. Would look cuter being roasted over a fire.

Streamxy DOES Suck

No, Its not that i have been that busy. Yes, i have been trying to log on. But i kept on getting these messages. Calling Streamyx on the toll free number 1300889515 did not help. They gave me so much advice. Turn off. Turn on. Log on (Hello i cannot log on right? Duh!). Blah. Bleh. Bloh.
48 hours i had to endure. Pukitiang. I went to see Taik Manok Net at Batu Lintang. I bad mood there. They offer send techinician over.
Technician not arrived yet. But suddenly works. What can i say?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Six Altogether

Well i think she is done for. Its 6 in total and the pups are well. I have not looked to see how many boys and girls there are yet. Don't want to stress Mum out anymore that she is already is by having a stranger hold her pups. I better change that cardbox bottom since its soaked in blood and other body fluids. *SlapsSelfForNotThinking*
I am going to name the Mum Opa. Yes. Opa.
[InnerVoice] 6? What the heck you going to do?


One By One

I went out to check on her. There was one pup already.
Close up on the pup. So cute.
Then there were 2.
I had to move them. There was a stray dog sniffing about. Time to get her safer and she is now in the garden shed. The house dogs are really being very busy bodies. All of them are locked out to give Mum some peace and quiet
Then there were 3.
Number 4 is on its way out…
Mum eats the Placenta. I got to go get some stuff done so let’s she how she fare’s by the end of today.
I am wondering what i have got myself into?
[NoteToSelf] You really so free? Or just a Sucker?


The Stray Bitch

I was coming out of the house going for breakfast. There was this stray bitch in the bush out by the main gate. She must have been busy digging as she was laying in a freshly dug shallow depression. She is pregnant and looks like about to give birth anytime.
My heart goes out to her as she lies there whining. I am wondering if i should move her into the house but worry about my own dogs giving her hell. I think i will let her stay there but keep an eye on her for the day.


Streamyx Sucks