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Saturday, June 24, 2006

So Sedap

On the way back i bought some Udang Galah from a fisherman by the Sungai Rambungan ferry point. The saliva glands went into overdrive as i thought of them cooked. Bought 3 kilo's worth and headed home.
Cleaned the buggers.
Cooked the buggers.
I need not elaborate just how Sedap they were.
*I had an extra bowl of hot pandan rice*

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Lonely Fisherman

I saw this figure in the distance on the way back. He looked so lonely in his tiny boat casting his net near the riverside amongst the mangrove's without hardly a shelter from the hot sun.
Soon i will be in my airconditioned car zooming back to the city to my comfortable life. Where will he be headed to? Back again to his simple life. And out again in the morning hoping to bring food to the table?
I feel blessed.


What Is That

The water was pretty calm. Suddenly i spotted something going across the river. Fumbling like a fool i whipped my camera out and hastedly took a shot just before it disappeared under the water.
I asked the boatman 'Apa itu?'
'Itu Buaya' he replied

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monkeying Around

This mirror's exactly what happened today. Perfect!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tonight I Realised

for every minute i was angry i lost sixty seconds of happiness...
But what can i say when dealing with infinite stupidity?

TimTam's!? I Want...

I have been having this craving. The mere thought of it sends my glands into a frenzy of saliva pumping overdrive. Damn it. I want my TimTam's. I want them so bad. I am swallowing as i blog this. I almost feel tear's coming to my eye's at the thought of TimTam's. I miss them more than even Vegemite.
Why isn't there a store in Kuching that sell's the real stuff? Not the crap they import in manufactured in some other country? Why didn't i just bring in more from the last trip?
I can imagine biting both ends off and using it as a straw to suck in my Nescafe.... I can imagine lying back then to plop it into my mouth and slowly savouring it as it slowly melts... Damn It!!! I want TimTam's!!!
*Sucks Thumb Instead In Frusteration*

That Lumpy Feeling

I got up extra early this morning feeling buggered from a sleepless night. You know the sort of night, just endless worrying about the usual shit at work. So i found myself barefoot sipping my Nescafe in the garden, just trying to gather my thoughts for the day ahead.
Then i felt it. That lumpy feeling under my bare foot. It was cold. Kinda hard. My foot did a matrix style full stop in the midst of almost squishing it to oblivion. I jerked my foot back spilling my Nescafe, staining my trousers.
You can tell it just going to be a wonderful day, Yes?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All Better Now

A couple of weeks back i accidentally ran over Ayu's foot. She has been limping since and i felt really bad more so when she refused to let me catch her to bring to the vet.
Then there was a fight. A dog fight. Made the spoilt brat got whooped by Ayu. And she is the smallest of the lot plus supposedly still limping. Looks like she is all better 100%.
Funny. The adopted kampung reject bitch whooped the imported male rottweiler's arse.....

What Island?

When we were up Sungai Rambungan last weekend, we chanced upon this island that stood right smack in the middle of the river as it branched out into 2 tributaries. Cute little island i thought to myself.
Turning around i asked the boatman what was the name of the island? He just smiled at me. I thought then maybe he was thinking i was a damn fool expecting him to hear me over the racket the outboard was making.
Later during the raining spell as we huddled by the bank shivering like rats he turned to me and softly told me the island had a name. It was Pulau Kelinitit. I blinked once, twice then three times looking at him and going 'True or nooottt.....?' He nodded away.
I thought he was pulling a fast one on me but it was bugging me. Pulau Kelintit? Clitoris Island? Damn... Well i went to the land and survey department this morning and thought i might as well take a look at their map. Sure enough. It said on the map. Pulau Kelintit. I am dumbfounded
Not statisfied i called a few mates up and only 2 knew what was a Kelintit. (Yeah, apparently MANY fellows know jackshit about it) Just to doublecheck the transalation i found this. Yup. It does mean Clitoris. Now how come that could come up on a goverment document/map? *Shrugs*

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Monday, June 19, 2006

It Would Be

Different If I Really Ruled The World...

"When and If your girlfriend really needed to talk to you during you favorite TV programs, she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen"

Slave Driving?

There was an article in the papers today in regards to ‘Maids are REALLY abused’ by the Indonesian Consulate in Kuching. Pity all those maids huh? Underpaid and driven like slaves huh? Couple of hundred cases they say this year?
My thoughts go to my own experience with maids. I have had 2 good ones. But then I have had many a nightmare with some. Going MIA (Missing In Action) and even Stealing. I bet many ‘slave drivers’ like us have some ‘good’ stories to tell.
But actually it just an excuse as i want to gripe and moan about those 2 buggers again. Yes, those 2 thieves and no good unappreciative fools. Damn them. The story was told a few weeks back but this time i want to paste their details and photo’s here for all to see.
I want to bitch about it because I treated them so well and yet they did this. I am afraid to put down in words how exactly I feel. I was upset. I was angry.
Look at that smile? Little did i know that it meant 'Yah Sucker... I am going to fuck you good good one day before you even realise it...'
And this one? Why wasn't he even looking into the camera?

Damnit. Come to think of it they were so religious. Always going off for the obligatory prayer times. Good for them. So committed they were. But it proved nothing.

Damn it. I am getting so pissed off.

"Heri & Khirno, I curse upon you that a dozen horny well endowed migdets make play of your anus, May that you suffer a horrible death from their delight in the undertaking.... And that i meet you both in Hell to carry on from where they finished"

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