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Friday, June 09, 2006

Today I Learned

to replace that stolen pump will cost me...


I remember paying RM1,200 5 years ago. Showing the best most kesihan face and asking if there was a discount for loyal customers like me was like a wasted effort. Would get better luck squeezing milk from my man boobs.

You Need What?

Don called. He need’s to entertain some business clients who are in town for a night. He could not be bothered to bring them out whoring so he intends to send them back to the hotel after dinner and have ‘Dessert’ sent over. Good idea aye? So clever one you. Then he asked if i knew any girls?!?!?!

Hello? When did i become your Pimp?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Passing

Sad news received this evening. A long time acquaintance in the film industry suddenly passed away 2 days ago in Sri Lanka on the same day the photo was taken. Asoka Perera was one of few people who were instrumental in bringing Hollywood movies to Sarawak amongst them Farewell To The King and The Sleeping Dictionary nor forgetting many recce’s for many yet unmade films. He will be surely missed.

What The…?

The maid was on the line chattering excitedly that the water to the house was disconnected. ‘Air udah putus Pak!’ Darn it. Driving back mulling over the alien abduction of the pond fish, i was not exactly in a good mood.
Kuching Water Board confirmed there was no disconnection but i was 2 months behind of the bill, a whole mind boggling stupendous total of RM74.30. Called the house and told them to check if the tap where the meter was outside was shut by one of the neighborhood rascals and to check the storage tank. 10 minutes later they said the tap was open and tank was full. Full? Sure or Not?
Came home early to go check on the storage tank. Well will you look at that? There is a BIG SPACE where the WATER PUMP is supposed to be. *Mind wanders to how much to replace?*
Now where were my 4 legged security guards? Grrrrr…

Where Fish?

The cool air and absent traffic made the very early morning drive to the farm very pleasant. The trip had to be because i had forgotten to buy fish feed last weekend on the way up. Rather than keeping on wondering about the hungry fish i got it ready yesterday evening at the last moment.Now that I was there I went to feed the fish. Usually the water would like boil with the fish that were rushing for a bite. This morning i stood there scratching that balding spot on my head wondering where the heck were those fish?

Asking the Bangla’s in my unusual usual mix of facial expressions, excited hand gestures and engmalish where the fish had gone to? They replied with wide eyes, thumbs up and a hearty ‘Ok’ ‘Ok’. What the?! Sometimes talking to my Bangla's makes me feel like crying.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mum Said...

Mum called earlier. Told her I was still at home nursing my eye. She saw the photo i emailed her. I asked her jokingly if I looked like someone punched me in the eye? She replied…

‘No Son, but you sure look like Shit’

Awwwwww... Thanks Mum. I love you too.

Baghdad Burning

Calling herself Riverbend, this Iraqi blogger who writes from a woman's perspective offers searing eyewitness accounts of the everyday realities on the ground in Baghdad. I am facinated and afraid at the same time. Everyone should give her a read.

Oh My God!

I really don’t get it. Why do some people have to keep using that phrase every few sentences? ‘Oh My God!’ ‘Oh My God!’
Is their life really that empty without anything the least stimulating that even a normal 5 minute conversation about how swollen my eye is prompts them to exclaim ‘Oh My God!’ ‘Oh My God!’ 11 times?
The only time I ever remotely referred to 'him' was a long time ago when i was barefoot and kicked a stump prying my big toe nail open. I remember clearly crouching down, holding on to my big toe getting teary and muttering ‘Jesus F****** Christ!'

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not Fast Enough

Remember i was wondering if the Dragon Fruit was ripe enough to cut open and try? Guess the Amah was too fast for me or rather i was not fast enough.
Went to see the Doc again about the swelling and found this miserable 4 pieces of the fruit on the table like mocking me... *mutters* Anyway scold also no use, like banging head on the wall. As i write this the fruit is being digested in the far reaches of my tummy.

Taik Manok Service

There are a few things that annoy me. And there are a very very few things that annoy me all the time. One of those is Streamyx.
Taik Manok Net so clever promo. But (another long story) service sucks. Having streamyx installed at my house a few month's ago was a real drama. Took a system engineer and the unit boss to come down personally before they could fix the problem. But credit due they fixed it eventually.
Installed this temporary cable to 'test it out', the old cable was 'not good' they said. OK, now it seems to be working so will you get the cable fixed properly instead of letting it hang like that? Called twice about the cable. Said they would send a man. Chibei. Still dangling.
I call again now and see what happen. As usual have to press this and press that and wait for like 15 minutes before get the live operator.
P/S Taik Manok is local lingo for Chicken Shit!

Pamelo Cut

About a week ago i was happy to discover my first Pamelo in the farm. Having since plucked it and brought it home i decided to slice it open and see if i was going to either be chewing on something that tasted like cardboard or something succulent and juicy?
I was not dissapointed. Will you look at it? Well munching on the WHOLE fruit will probably give me a belly ache since i had an empty tummy but it will be worth it. Best tasting Pamelo i ever had. Sure took my mind off my eye.
Hmmmmm.... I wonder if the Dragon Fruit is ripe enough to slice today?

Getting Worse

I woke up this morning and felt this lump under my eye. Geeezzzz... Nearly scared myself shitless when i looked into the mirror. Not only was it swollen but it was throbbing. Am feeling damn worried.
The swelling came down yesterday evening and everything looked for the better last night. I just took my dose of medication pescribed by the Doc. He gave Augmentin (This is an Antibiotic) 625MG 1 tablet twice a day for 7 days and Panadeine (This contains Paracetamol i think?) 2 tablets 3 times a day for 2 days only.
If it carries on like this for the rest of the day i better haul my arse to the Doc again and see what the fark is going on huh?

Monday, June 05, 2006


A couple of weeks ago my GPS died after many years of service. I did say i was thinking of getting it framed. Picked it up on the way back from the Doc's. It looks quite good but somehow the frame maker made it too big. It looks a bit 'lost' in there. Fark. Paid RM80 for the damn thing.
I might get a GPSMAP 60 instead of the GPSMAP 60c. The difference is the colour screen and nothing else plus its like 600 bucks cheaper. I might just put and order in and have them ship it in from Aussieland.

It Hurts

I finally went to see the Doc this afternoon. It was getting to be a worry because the swelling took a turn for the worse around lunch time. It began to throb and water. Doc said it was an infection and pescribed some antibiotics. Let's see how it fare's in the morning.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I am Sick

I woke up not feeling too well this morning. Went to Church and all and did the breakkie with some mates. Had Laksa. About an hour after that it went all down hill. I think it has got to do with the previous 2 days at the farm under the sun, not getting enough water and all.
Went and had a nap at about 1pm. Woke up an hour later with a massive headache and a throbbing left eye.
Did some paperwork trying to ignore the pain. Finally around 6pm i started to vomit. Damnit. Talk about sheer agony. My tummy was empty since i had nothing since the Laksa. No, its not food poisoning.
I feel a bit better now. The headache has subsided somewhat. The throbbing is not as bad and the tummy is settled down. Thank God for Milo.
Yeah. I dont like taking medicine. Not even Asprins. Dont know why. I sure hope i feel better in the morning. Been a while since i felt this sick.

The Kambings

Here is a shot of a couple of my kambings. Only let out in the afternoon if it is not raining. Interesting animals, good breeders but too noisy when they are hungry (which is all the time) and they stink too. Some kind of gland they have i was told?
Their poo which comes in little round pellets make excellent fertiliser. Only thing is we have to collect the poo from under the goat houses and run the risk of getting a torrent of pee splashed down on us or suffer a hail of goat pellets. Urgh...


Streamyx Sucks