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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Front Bungalow Now

Remember a couple of posts back when i talked about this bungalow? Well this is the result after almost 6 years of baking under the tropical sun. Looks damn crappy actually to me. *chuckle* It sure does like it needs a good paint job! Will you look at the stains of the roof? Geeeeezzz...
I have my work cut out for me now. Or maybe a professional painter? *thinks of the money* I can think of a few more much needed improvements instead for that money, not that i am complaining now as the bungalow is already quite comfotable.
But Damn It! It still looks crappy *laughs*

Poor Ayu

This is Ayu, one of the 4 dogs at the farm. This afternoon when coming back from visiting another farm i heard this awful yelp as we were driving down from the gates. Ayu got too close to the car and somehow got her back left leg rolled over. OUCH!
Anyways she scoots off and hides for almost an hour. I called and called and she came out limping badly. She refused to let me get near her and getting this photo was a chore. Anyway, i will try to get her close enough in the next day or two and get her to the vet.
Damn. Just looking at her already makes me feel bad again. ARGH!!!

My Cock

Excuse the title. But it's really my cock. My Fighting Cock to be exact. Dashing handsome devil. Went with some mates to visit another farm and came back with it. Already am thinking of getting a hen or two and see if there are any little chicks in the making.
No, i am not going to fight him. He did not come cheap but why not? Can't really call a farm a farm if i don't have some chooks running about aye? And i love having fresh egg's for breakfast in the morning. I really should have got myself some hen's too. Maybe next weekend.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Forgot...

but it's not too bloody late to wish my Native mates,
Selamat Hari Gawai
Gayu-Guru Gerai-Nyamai

Mimpi Babi

Just woke up from a nap. Strange dream. It was of Pigs. Not the common variety like the Babi Cina or the Hogs we get in Aussieland. It was the Babi Kampung.
There were 8 of them, all black as midnight save for one. It was a young female and she was a very light brown. They were in the garden and this female came to me. I open my hand to show her my palm and she muzzled her snout into it leaving it wet with saliva then like soft grunting like she was some pet or something.
This is too weird.

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit aka Pitaya is also starting to ripen. I planted 2 varieties, the red and white (well more like grey if you ask me) flesh type. This weekend it will be ripen enough to pluck and potong. No idea which variety this will be so let's see!
Tommorrow will be off early to the farm *fingers crossed* because tonight supposed to go for another round of visiting and there will a lot of tuak sampling. Hmmmm... maybe i call in and fake a sore throat? Plus will be there for at least a night so want to be fit and healthy to workout and not nurse a blady hangover.

Today I Thought...

as i sat there brought along by some mate's during this Gawai Dayak visit to this seriouly rich bloke's place, listening to him...

Some People are so Rich,
they lost Respect for Humanity.

Buying a Cock

Here we were at this cock farm and this friend of mine went about selecting a cock. He paid RM400.00 for the cock.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fighting Cock?

Met this fellow at the shop where the Van was dropped at. He mentioned he was going to buy Fighting Cocks this afternoon. I am going to follow him out of curiousity. Fighting Cock?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Van Rattles

I decided to get off early to go back to the house and pick up the Van. Gawai and all coming thought it would be a good idea to load it up with the usual farm essentials instead of tommorrow at the last moment. The Van hasn't be started in like 3 weeks! But as usual it rumbled to life at the first kick.
The hairs on the end of my neck stood like crazy when there was this sudden clankity klang klang sound and there was a puff of smoke that came up from under the engine. Turning off the engine i swore.
Got down and looked under. Hmmmm... there was some oil dripping. Fingered it and smelled. Not engine oil for sure. Must be either the transmission or clutch fluid. Hmmmm... Checked under. Everything seemed to be topped up. *scratches balding spot on head* Now where did that oil come from?
After getting the mechanic on the mobile and explaining myself best as to what happened he told me to just carefully drove it to the him! Doesn't he understand how much i sayang my car's? Torture it some more driving there? Anyway then there was this rattling sound but only when the rpm's hit 2000 and above. Brakes seemed ok but the clutch was a bit stiff and dodgy. Mechanic had a look and fixed the problem in 20 minutes. Was a seal, nothing a repair kit could not solve. Koolies. Paid the good fellow RM38.00. (Another reason i luuuurve Kuching)
Started the Van and drove off eager to get my shit together. Damn sound came back. Damn it! Drove right off to the airconditioner shop which was 5o yards down the road. One listen and the towkay says 'Aiya... sap sap sui Boss. We oredi closing, tommorrow you come and we fix it, no problem'
Looks like i am done for the day damnit. *sigh* Tommorrow is going to be a loooong day i think.

Today I Realised...

that genetics is enough proof that God does gamble.

Like This Good

Surprise! Surprise!
Found Shah (the other Bangla) on the bush cutter this morning, bright and early. He said 'Boss, wa cuba pakai ini mesin boleh? ada bagus?' I gave him a Thumbs Up! Normally such labourer's will do squat unless you told them how. I am happy BUT as Mummy always said, 'New Brooms ALWAYS Sweep Clean Dear...'
Shah speaks with this head tilting rolling action heavy accent in a smattering of malay and english he picked up during his last stint as a construction labourer in KL. Poor fellow supposedly has not been back home for 6 years. Supposedly i say because he said he had 3 kids, the youngest being almost 4 years old. Go figure the maths.

Another Break In

This is getting to be really sickening. I was doing the morning rounds (well actually looking to see if the Bangla's had done what they were supposed to be doing) and found this.
I do not undestand why they still want to come in? How many times already this year? They must have came and the dog's had frightened them away as the worker's did say there was some barking at around 2am. There was no answer when i asked how come they didn't go investigate? *mumbles*

Monday, May 29, 2006

Today I Heard

That This Was Going To Be The 2007 VE Ute?


Today I Wished...

my BIG mouth had a backspace key...

Black Getting Old

This is Black. His owner came to my house one evening and had Black and his mother in the back seat. The garbage collectors had warned her to keep them in her compound as they were always trying to bite them. His mum was the actual problem.
Anyway the owner did not want anything to happen to them so she thought of me. His mum lived for about 2 years and i never had a problem with her. Black has been with me for almost 10 years now, the last 6 years on the farm.
I was looking at him last weekend and he is really showing his age. Poor dog. He refuse's to be bathed and runs off when i even think of giving him a bath. Nothing has worked, save for putting him on a leash. The last time i did he made such a racket like he being murdered or something!
Anyway he seems to be in decent health and i hope he has a few more good years left in him. The other 2 dogs, Made and Ayu seem to keep him on his toe's. Good Black.


The Sampan

Me also damn stupid. Told myself to get a photo of the sampan in its old drab 4 year old brown marine paint for an 'after' and 'before' effect? Dungu me completely forgot and painted the sampan. Sooo... bodoh. Well at least it tells me that i don't have this blog on my mind 24/7 yes?
I bought the canvas to cover it from the rain and leaves but being the smart arse i think i always am did not calculate the angle that the canvas has to travel to the top of the roof and back down again. Duh! So now its like half squat not coming all the way to the back. *slaps self*
Nice or Not after painting?

Longan Flowering

Couple of posts back i mentioned my first longan aka mata kuching? Yesterday was going through the orchard and found one tree was flowering. Imagine my excitement? OK, maybe not as exciting as finding a lump of gold glowing on the grass but it was exciting. Sure took long enough for the tree's to decide to flower!
I am so looking forward to a good harvest this year...

The Lonely Goose

This goose sure ain't going to lay me any golden egg's because it's a lonely 'he'. It was given to me from a friend and has been enjoying the large enclosure where there is a little pond built. It has been some time since that we have been looking for a nice looking sheila but to date alas... no such luck!
Well i better get cracking on it before he grows too old and kicks the bucket, so to speak, as he sure makes a good watch dog too in the nights.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Today I Saw...

A good friend happily let her dog slobber her open mouth just after that same dog gave it’s bumhole a good nibble and lick.

I looked to the heaven's and rolled my eyes.

Pigeon Invasion

Someone had told me there were pigeon's for sale in the sunday market. After picking out 2 pairs i thought they would make a good addition to the farm. That was just 2 years ago.This morning as i saw they all swoop down i realised there had to be almost a hundred ofthem but they seemed to have divided themself's into small groups? I always thought theyflew in one big swarm? The thing is i don't think they all came from those 2 pairs? They have made they roost over the staff quarter's.

Bangla At Work

This morning managed to put Muzzafar to work with the
Bushcutter. I realised how must hard work it is lugging that
damn thing on your back whilst i was demonstrating to him
how to use it. He is going to be sore.
Next week it will be Shah's turn to be shown the works.
I am so looking forward to having the whole place looking neat!

Rusted Roof

Remember a few post's before when i showed that photo of this same bungalow that then was just built? Well this is just taken today and the bungalow is almost 6 years old.

Like i said the roof is so rusted now but i figure it should still hold good for a couple of years. Now since the front bungalow is used this one is left of the staff to use when they need to stay close to the area for work.
Streamyx Sucks