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Friday, May 26, 2006

Tough Decision

I have to make a tough decision.
One of the young bulls has to be sold off. There are one too many on the farm and we don't want to wait until they become too big/strong to handle. How?
I think i will have to choose between the 3 of them and have to do it tommorrow. It will be so sad as i like all of them but in the reality of life on a farm (even if its a serious 'hobby farm') tough practical decisions have to be made.
What is worse is that he will most probably go to a slaughter house if we cannot find a farmer who will want such a young bull. Come to think of it they will all eventually go under the butcher's knife. Bummer.

I am so sorry...

First Pamelo

Last weekend? Saw this Pamelo hanging almost ready for plucking.
I hope it is still there waiting for me to savour my first bite into its juicy pulp.

The Front Bungalow

Clearing my computer found this photo of the front bungalow at the farm. Built at the end of 2000, this was the other house which was purchased from the movie set of The Sleeping Dictionery. The first bungalow that was rebuilt is situated at the other end of the farm which requires a 5 minute walk.
Since i will be spending the weekend at the farm will be interesting to take a photo and compare how it has changed after almost 6 years.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today I Have Learned...

That no matter how much I care,
some people are just Assholes!!!

Insect From Hell?

I was minding my own business last night. I was watching the end of American Idol and happen to glance to the top of the side door.

Holy Moses! There it loomed. It sure didn't look like any of the usual insects i ever seen? To be frank, i was a wee bit freaked out. I was wondering if it was some attack fly or something ready to pounch on my dimpled arse delivering a cocktail of chemicals to make me shit for days on end dying in agony?

Well a few photo's later i left it to its own device's and of course missed the whole last bit of American Idol. I had a peek at it before i headed for bed and it was still there. It just hung the motionless. Next morning it was gone.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It Finally Died

My Garmin 48 finally died. This morning when i switched it on it just refused to work. The dealer in Kuching here said they would not be able save it as in their own words ' Boss, this is an antique-lah! How to repair ah?'

OK-lah, maybe it is an old unit but it sure has been a big part of my work. I don't want to just dump it away without trying at least right? It did help me make some serious money too ok?

But look at what there is available now? No. Not in Kuching. In Aussieland. It looks good. Its the GPSMAP 60C The specs look awesome. I will have to find a replacement but the asking price is a bit steep. But then for work? What to do?

I think i will frame up my old GPS. Like a final resting space on my office wall. It followed me to many places in the world and never failed until today.

She's Back!

She is back. After 3 month's of waiting, she is back. I bought her almost 5 year's ago on a whim. Her paint was peeling and she was in a sorry state. I had been slowly getting her running mechanically before finally going for the 'facelift'. She does look so good.
The shop did a good job on her paintwork which set me back a fair bit but its all worth it. Kool Banana's! Still a fair more to get done but mostly on the little bits. Looking forward to getting her 99% perfect before giving her a good run.
Am thinking of the money already spent and all that much more before i am happy with everything. Well my wish to own a 7 series has come true huh? Now i have a 735i in tip top condition.
I wish this car can come back with me to Aussieland into the Northern Territory where it is the only place with no speed limits in Australia.I wonder if she can hit 280 kph? But then i shudder at the cost of running her there as fuel prices are so expensive there.
Now i want a Toyota Landcruiser BJ60 like what my prospecting team has.

Mata Kuching

My first Mata Kuching Dimocarpus longan today. There was this bunch of them hanging out. Perfect! Damn pleased.

Well after so long waiting for it to bear fruit and almost wanting to curse the old fellow at the Sunday market for selling me a dud.

But cannot complain now right? After 3 years of waiting it sure decided for a strange time to bear its first fruit. And only one small bunch!

Sure felt good biting down on it. Not as sweet as i wanted but then its the first time so cannot tell for sure if it will remain the same next bloom? Still, i am happy.

The Bungalow

Found another old photo of the back bungalow at my farm. This was taken 5 years ago. The roof looks much rustic now with the usual rust that happens on zinc roof's.
That's Waggy, the German Shephard near the front door to the varendah. You can see the result of my attempt to plant vege's in the foreground on the vege patch. Did not go well because Waggy always decided it was much more fun digging up the ground even more.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006




Most of you do not know how pungent the smell of the Jackfruit is. By the time i got back to town with it i was about to get drunk. Everything in the car smells of Jackfruit now.
Nevermind-lah. After i cut it open? Everything forget already. It was really good. Really good. We kept some for to make fritters with. Yes. Fritters. Never heard of Goreng Nangka? Oi? You know the seeds can be boiled and eaten ok? But only thing sometimes really make you break damn smelly wind. OK, i stop now. It is gross. Yes. But the damn fruit was big and extremely juicy and succulant. Any Nangka fans out there?
I just remembered. You can also masak Nangka Lemak. Ummmm... maybe should add some recipe's here but wtf will even bother i think? *shakeshead*


Getting Sentimental

I was clearing my laptop today and found some old photo's. This is one i really like. It shows me on the evening of the day that we completed the basic structure of the 1st farmhouse, all nicely painted and rebuilt.
This was from the movie set of the Sleeping Dictionery. I managed to buy the whole house, named 'John's Bungalow' in the movie including another one named 'Neville's Bungalow' which i only rebuilt a year later towards the front of the property.

I can't really believe its been almost 6 years since that house was built. Amazing how time flies by. Really amazing. There have been some changes to the house since then. There is a roof covering where i am standing on the stairs now all the way to the bottom. The kitchen gets all wet when it rained heavily so we did the roof about 3 month's later. It was a good idea too as the wood was getting protected and it still looks good today.
I cannot believe we dismantled that whole structure, lugged the timber all the way up the road side, loaded it onto the lorry, drove for 40 minutes, unloaded it, lugged it for 700 meter's and rebuilt the whole house in 3 solid month's. *Whew*
The Sleeping Dictionery was released only in 2003 on DVD.


Today has it's silver lining. I went to the farm to check up on the 2 workers. I had forgot all about this Jackfruit which was ready for plucking.

They took it down and proudly handed it to me. Its been a while since i had Jackfruit from the garden. This one will be even more yummy as it was from a seed i brought back from Thailand 4 years back.

I think i will make some Nangka Jam. Been too long since i had some. Come to think about it hmmmmm... Its not even the Jackfruit season?


What I Lost?

Yep. What i lost? Here goes.

1. Stihl Bushcutter
2. Sthil Chainsaw
3. 2 DVD Players
4. Dewalt Cordless Drill
5. Dewalt Cross Cutter
6. Nokia Mobile
7. Sharp Video Player
8. Sharp Portable DVD Player
9. Garmin GPS
10. RM300.00 Petty Cash

That about it save for the odd stuff i do not seem to be able to find like the rechargeble torchlights, safety goggles, the toolbox, the veterinary testicle clamp, dehorning tool and so forth.

I am getting pissed off just typing this.


Damn you Heri and Khirno


Almost 2 weeks

Talk about going bonkers.

I was desperate for help on the farm and after sleeping/working by myself on the farm i was going mad with trying to shuttle between work and taking care of the farm by myself.

Finally had the time to go look for some new help and decided it was time to try out some Bangla's. Yep. 2 fellows, Shah and Mazzafar. Shah is the younger of the 2 and speaks a weird mix of Malay and English. Hardly can understand him. Muzzafar is the older one. His passport says he is 32. He is more like 52 if i had to guess. Slow fellow but he tries.

Now for the past week its been 'Show & Tell'. Everything had to be shown to them from how to fix the lights in the garden to mowing the grass. I had to buy another bush cutter, since the old one was stolen by the 2 buggers, and it was a real experience teaching them how to handle it.

The upside of it is i am actually quite happy despite their inexperience. The farm looks spanking clean and the seem to be quite enthusiastic about their work. But then my Mum always did say 'New Brooms always sweep clean'. I guess time will tell of course because soon i will have to see their labour agent to pay up and off i go travelling for a few weeks.

I think *fingers crossed* they will work out to be really helpful. Hopefully more trustworthy. Helluluiah!
Streamyx Sucks