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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Horrid 3 days

Its been a horrid 3 days.

I was trying to get in contact with the farm. The mobile was off. Strange i thought. The second day it was still off and i had this strange feeling.

That very same evening i left for the farm right from the airport. reaching there just before 8, i found the place lighted as usual. Was being the optimist and telling myself that the mobile probably was broken again.

No response to my honking. The dogs looked funny. They did not want to come to the gate, like they were scared or something? I climbed the gate. Took a rip in my jeans' Damn.

Yeah, there was no sign of anyone. Looks like they scooted off without a word at least 3 days ago from the sloshy rice that was rotting in the rice cooker. Poor dogs had not eaten too for as long at least. The other animals we making a racket.

Finally fed everyone by 10. I was cussing and cussing them darn idiots. I know some stuff is missing, obviously the bushcutter, chainsaw, dvd players (from the main house + quarters) and some more. Just realised the mobile is missing too but the charger was on the socket. Wait silly me. The charger would be worth jackshit in Indonesia. The socket's there are different.

Was too bushed to look at everything. Am going to have to find replacement workers to keep the farm going if i do not want anything else stolen. Worse come to the worse might try out some Bangla worker's.

Damn you Heri and Khirno. You had another 2 month's to your 2 year contract. Damn you.
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