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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Who Are They?

The ClustrMap was looking a little 'dotted' to me. Maybe i never scrolled down and really noticed it but looks like there had been quite a few people already dropping in?
Logging on i was pretty damn surprised to see that almost 600 people have come visit since Febuary?! Now who are these people? Have they dropped in randomly clicking on the 'Next Blog' icon on the top right corner? My blog is a pretty poor attempt when compared to many but i ain't here to compete dudes and dudette's. I don't think there is anything remotely blogged that could/can have some link on a search engine?

I am just curious. Who Are They?


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's up...

A couple of post's ago i mentioned the thing about the STB website being down for 'Under Construction'. It was down for a few month's.

After a late lunch i went peek again and look? Its done very nicely. Good job i must say. Was worth the wait. Love the
Sape playing in the background.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Finally got in yesterday morning. Buggered after the long travelling and connecting flights. Think am getting too old for this. Did the usual rounds in the afternoon and am looking forward to my Laska this morning.

Been tossing around last night. Woke up too damn early and just could not get back to sleep. Must be still on Brisbane time. Don't look forward to the next few days of hard work.

Yeah, the KIA is finally done eh? Looks nice. Spot on.
Streamyx Sucks