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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Aisaymannnn... See? Pretty or not? Ok-lah. Her ears are a bit dirty. But no problem. Easy peasy to get her cleaned up. Just was too excited to take her first photo. She settled in right away.

I was supposed to get my arse to the farm this evening to get the photo of the cut fence. But i got sidetracked when walking pass the pet store on the way to a friend's office. Just could not get her face out of my mind.

Came back pass and bought her on the spot! I miss my poor cat ok? and i wanted another one. No python is going to have you for dinner baby!

I am calling her Molly. Don't ask me why!


Broken Links

Ok, Had a few minutes to spare and quickly checked out the site. Some links below and all working except for 'Official Kuching Guide' where the link provided has a non-working link. The correct and working link for it is here.

How come no one at STB even checks on these things? Too busy? or perhaps don't give a shit? *Shrugs*


From Space

Will you look at that? Last night i was online and decided to look at some survey mapping software. Came across a site which shows you the world from space. Since i had the coordinance to my home in Kuching (Yep, i do carry a GPS Reader with me from time to time because of my work) i decided to have a peek. Just too cool.

I will have to remember to bring the GPS Reader to Australia so that i will be able to get the coordinance too and get the view from space. The internet can be such a joy most times. Kool Banana's!

In case you are wondering, that is Kuching in Sarawak, East Malaysia. I have placed a link there to the Sarawak Tourism Board website BUT the website is STILL 'Under Construction'. Bummer.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Friggin Kastam

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me about getting some samples from Australia for his sister who is going through the 'I wanna be a geologist' stage in her young life. Basically he said to get her some 'Pretty Rocks'.

OK, So I get on
Ebay and get her some nice samples. Rather than waiting for it to come to me then lug the specimens back on the plane I thought maybe just send it to her via the post? I did just that.

This morning I get a call. She tells me one rock is missing! I go 'What the Fuck?' Apparently one of the prettiest of the lot has gone missing! Guess which one is it? See the pretty purple one? Its called a amethyst crystal. Guess what? The damn bugger left the tiny lable for her. Apparently Malaysian Custom had opened it as there was a 'DI BUKA OLEH KASTAM' stamp on the side of the packed.

I have enough shit on my plate for this week and am leaving it to her to sort it out. Sorry-lah!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


These blady idiots. The Farm was broken into again. Damn it. The fence was cut this time. Thankfully nothing was stolen this time. Its so irritating when it happens. 4th time this year. Looks like a trip to the farm is in order this afternoon just to see what the damage is. Worker's feeling a bit jittery. I don't blame them. Must remember to bring the camera up and get a photo of the cut fence. Must post.

*Monday Evening*Ok! Ok! I didn't make it to the Farm today. Was just too pressed for time-lah. But I did say I would post photo's. So here you are. It's an old one. Roof is really rusty now and the tree's all much bigger/taller.

I promise to take the photo of the damn cut fence SOON.
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