------- waddafak: 04/16/2006 - 04/23/2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Poor Toe

This morning really fucked. Shuffling from the bed to the bathroom half asleep i kicked the corner of the door with my little right toe. *Ouch* Damn!? Talk about waking you up! Sure hurted like hell. Cussed and Cussed. Its still throbbing.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I have been thinking of someone that was and still is dear to me. Well thinking about it never did me any good, so I had this idea. How do I find someone whom I have lost contact from for so many years? Suddenly xiaxue came to mind. Yep, she would be the right person to get this ball rolling. Sent her an email and she hasn't even replied. Probably she just trashed the whole thing?

I await in anticipation if she will ever reply? Probably will send her another email and take it from there?
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