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Friday, August 04, 2006

Its Been A While

Can't believe its been weeks since i last blogged? But just could not help it. My poor arse was stuck in some remote corner in Indonesia. Yes. I suffered.
Ever found yourself having to crap for days on end in the bush with no toilet paper? My attempts to wipe myself with dried vegetative matter did not work out well. Neither did using freshly plucked one's too. Lets just say it was an abrasive and painful experience. I ended up taking dump's by the river ever fearful of a crocodile emerging from the water and grabbing my bum. It was even worse when dashing into the water soap in hand and giving myself a good clean naked butt for all to see. Pathetic but[t] hilarious. Repeatedly dipping your bum into the river splashing was quite fun actually.
Well i will come back a bit later and blog a bit more with pictures. Got a shitload of work to get through and some catching up with real food and enjoy the simple things in urban life like toilet paper.
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