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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tolerating Mobile Phone's

I can tolerate the constant ringing of mobile phones that i hear whenever i go. I can almost tolerate the morons who talk on their mobile phones at restaurants, as long as they keep their voices down. I don't need to complain about the farkers who drive like drunkards while talking on their mobile phones, because everyone else complains about that already. I have a cell-phone myself so it's not as if i'm intolerant of cell-phones in general. But i cannot tolerate the idiots whose mobile phones play a little musical song every time somebody calls them.
It's bad enough that a meal or worse yet, a movie is disrupted by some goddamned mobile phone chirping in the pocket of the fashionable little ass-wipe at the next table. But when that fucking piece of shit phone has to sing some imbecilic little song instead of simply ringing? That's the last straw.
[InnerVoice] Time to buy an air horn and start using it.

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