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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just Wanna Say

...that some fellow Catholics piss me off.
This morning i went to Mass at the Holy Trinity Church in Kenyalang Park, my first time actually in that particular church. I arrived early to attend mass for a recently deceased friend and seated myself near the main door. Just as the Priest started his sermon a family walked in and sat behind me. Any Catholic reading will know that they were damn late.
The older of the children, a teenager had a runny nose and every 5 seconds would make this sniffling gagging snorting sound. OK, i am cool with that except that he could have use his fucking brains and gone out to blow his nose (along with his brains for all i care come to think of it now) and save us from the delightful sounds he was orchestrating.
Communion comes and all four of them troop down in line like dutiful Catholics, heads bowed. Thats fine. The thing that really irks me is that they rise and promptly leave even as the Priest was giving his final blessing.
Waddafak? I sincerely hope you burn in HELL for being such inconsiderate 'kurang ajar' Catholics.
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