------- waddafak: Burn Baby Burn

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Burn Baby Burn

Its been a long few days. Too much work, Too tight deadlines.
This is a series of photo's that show an old house being burnt in Kalimantan Barat in Indonesia.. Stumbled upon it while there when owner decided to burn it. I don't know why as we didn't stick around to 'interview' him ok?
The fire took a bit longer to burn initially. But when the fire got going it sure got going. The smoke was amazing. The timber was very dry as there was a lound crackling sound. And then the roof caught fire.
Then it really got going and we beat a hasty retreat. It was getting way too hot and we were too close for comfort. Damn. It was frightening.
Ok, safer distance but still scary.
All over in less than 3 minutes flat.
[InnerVoice] I really don't care why he burnt his old house but you must be a bit weird anyway to even consider it. I do wish we stuck around to ask him if he was mad.
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