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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why Baby Died?

I was reading The Star only a few short days ago and learned about the rescue of Mat Chepor the orphaned baby elephant. What joy! and what sadness for his murdered mother. Then today i read of his untimely demise. What the heck happened?
There seems to be joy somewhat as he is lead out of the cool jungle into the hot sun by the Perhilitan Rangers also accompanied by some Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia students. From what is understood he dies 18 hours later while waiting to be transported barely 10 meters from the trailer? Look at that heavy chain on him? They must be using some heavy machinery to have that chain being pulled so tight no? The still live baby after it collapses with the village boys petting it. Kinda strange when if when such a statement by Taiping Zoo director Dr Kevin Lazarus 'Mat Chepor could have succumbed to exhaustion, dehydration and a chronic lack of nutrition' Hello? If that is so then why does the baby not the least have been treated intravenously with some isotonic fluids? And why is the baby looking like it is bone dry? Should it not be at least kept even cooler by keeping it damp with water? Are you not supposed to keep the baby as stressed free as humanely possible?
They are here trying to get him on his feet. Good on you, I am sure pulling him up by hanging on to his trunk is definately going to help so very much. Plus that heavy chain is all the more helping it espeacially after it has not been with his mother's milk since May 8th (6 weeks) when she died of gunshot wounds. And 18 hours waiting to be transported. Why need 18 hours?
Here he is on his last moments. Notice anything different? That huge heavy chain is no longer around his neck. Well Kinda TOO LATE eh? See the bruising? He must have been literally dragged out of the jungle to have that kind of bruising!
I dunno but it just looks like a bunch of clueless jokers decided to go rescue this baby elephant and did a totally fucked up job of it.
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