------- waddafak: Where Fish?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where Fish?

The cool air and absent traffic made the very early morning drive to the farm very pleasant. The trip had to be because i had forgotten to buy fish feed last weekend on the way up. Rather than keeping on wondering about the hungry fish i got it ready yesterday evening at the last moment.Now that I was there I went to feed the fish. Usually the water would like boil with the fish that were rushing for a bite. This morning i stood there scratching that balding spot on my head wondering where the heck were those fish?

Asking the Bangla’s in my unusual usual mix of facial expressions, excited hand gestures and engmalish where the fish had gone to? They replied with wide eyes, thumbs up and a hearty ‘Ok’ ‘Ok’. What the?! Sometimes talking to my Bangla's makes me feel like crying.

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