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Thursday, June 08, 2006

What The…?

The maid was on the line chattering excitedly that the water to the house was disconnected. ‘Air udah putus Pak!’ Darn it. Driving back mulling over the alien abduction of the pond fish, i was not exactly in a good mood.
Kuching Water Board confirmed there was no disconnection but i was 2 months behind of the bill, a whole mind boggling stupendous total of RM74.30. Called the house and told them to check if the tap where the meter was outside was shut by one of the neighborhood rascals and to check the storage tank. 10 minutes later they said the tap was open and tank was full. Full? Sure or Not?
Came home early to go check on the storage tank. Well will you look at that? There is a BIG SPACE where the WATER PUMP is supposed to be. *Mind wanders to how much to replace?*
Now where were my 4 legged security guards? Grrrrr…
Streamyx Sucks