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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What Island?

When we were up Sungai Rambungan last weekend, we chanced upon this island that stood right smack in the middle of the river as it branched out into 2 tributaries. Cute little island i thought to myself.
Turning around i asked the boatman what was the name of the island? He just smiled at me. I thought then maybe he was thinking i was a damn fool expecting him to hear me over the racket the outboard was making.
Later during the raining spell as we huddled by the bank shivering like rats he turned to me and softly told me the island had a name. It was Pulau Kelinitit. I blinked once, twice then three times looking at him and going 'True or nooottt.....?' He nodded away.
I thought he was pulling a fast one on me but it was bugging me. Pulau Kelintit? Clitoris Island? Damn... Well i went to the land and survey department this morning and thought i might as well take a look at their map. Sure enough. It said on the map. Pulau Kelintit. I am dumbfounded
Not statisfied i called a few mates up and only 2 knew what was a Kelintit. (Yeah, apparently MANY fellows know jackshit about it) Just to doublecheck the transalation i found this. Yup. It does mean Clitoris. Now how come that could come up on a goverment document/map? *Shrugs*

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