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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Up Sungai Rambungan

This morning made our way to Sungai Rambungan. We wanted to go upriver to check something out. Nice cool morning. Excellent. It was almost 8.30 before we started to head upriver in the sampan.
Thats the Sungai Rambungan Ferry. Same ferries used to run the Sungai Kayan before they built the bridge. Connects you across to Sampadi and you can cut across to Lundu. Nice pleasant drive actually.
Going upriver you get to see a lot of this cage culture for fish. Quite interesting. One day will stop and see if they sell to visitors that drop in?
The morning was looking like it was going to turn into a nice cool pleasant day.
More cage culturing but this one is a close up. They had dogs on these things! I wonder where they crap? I am thinking now if they recylce the dog poop as feed for the fish. Yum Yum. *Gags*
The sampan was so blooming slow with a 15hp yamaha and 6 fat arse's on board. Slow going and the river was getting narrower...
And narrower... then
The End....

Because it started to bloody pour. One moment it was sunny then 'Kaboooommm' it started to pour. We huddled like wet rats by the water's edge shivering away not being able to do anything. The sampan had no roof. We headed back and had to endure the storm, pelting rain and endless bailing of the water, using anything that could remotely be used to bail the water out. All of us were soaked to the bone and it was so chilly. Looks like some sick leave chits coming in on Monday. It was raining and raining all the way back to Kuching.

Damn! Its Still Raining!


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