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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TimTam's!? I Want...

I have been having this craving. The mere thought of it sends my glands into a frenzy of saliva pumping overdrive. Damn it. I want my TimTam's. I want them so bad. I am swallowing as i blog this. I almost feel tear's coming to my eye's at the thought of TimTam's. I miss them more than even Vegemite.
Why isn't there a store in Kuching that sell's the real stuff? Not the crap they import in manufactured in some other country? Why didn't i just bring in more from the last trip?
I can imagine biting both ends off and using it as a straw to suck in my Nescafe.... I can imagine lying back then to plop it into my mouth and slowly savouring it as it slowly melts... Damn It!!! I want TimTam's!!!
*Sucks Thumb Instead In Frusteration*
Streamyx Sucks