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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taik Manok Service

There are a few things that annoy me. And there are a very very few things that annoy me all the time. One of those is Streamyx.
Taik Manok Net so clever promo. But (another long story) service sucks. Having streamyx installed at my house a few month's ago was a real drama. Took a system engineer and the unit boss to come down personally before they could fix the problem. But credit due they fixed it eventually.
Installed this temporary cable to 'test it out', the old cable was 'not good' they said. OK, now it seems to be working so will you get the cable fixed properly instead of letting it hang like that? Called twice about the cable. Said they would send a man. Chibei. Still dangling.
I call again now and see what happen. As usual have to press this and press that and wait for like 15 minutes before get the live operator.
P/S Taik Manok is local lingo for Chicken Shit!
Streamyx Sucks