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Monday, June 19, 2006

Slave Driving?

There was an article in the papers today in regards to ‘Maids are REALLY abused’ by the Indonesian Consulate in Kuching. Pity all those maids huh? Underpaid and driven like slaves huh? Couple of hundred cases they say this year?
My thoughts go to my own experience with maids. I have had 2 good ones. But then I have had many a nightmare with some. Going MIA (Missing In Action) and even Stealing. I bet many ‘slave drivers’ like us have some ‘good’ stories to tell.
But actually it just an excuse as i want to gripe and moan about those 2 buggers again. Yes, those 2 thieves and no good unappreciative fools. Damn them. The story was told a few weeks back but this time i want to paste their details and photo’s here for all to see.
I want to bitch about it because I treated them so well and yet they did this. I am afraid to put down in words how exactly I feel. I was upset. I was angry.
Look at that smile? Little did i know that it meant 'Yah Sucker... I am going to fuck you good good one day before you even realise it...'
And this one? Why wasn't he even looking into the camera?

Damnit. Come to think of it they were so religious. Always going off for the obligatory prayer times. Good for them. So committed they were. But it proved nothing.

Damn it. I am getting so pissed off.

"Heri & Khirno, I curse upon you that a dozen horny well endowed migdets make play of your anus, May that you suffer a horrible death from their delight in the undertaking.... And that i meet you both in Hell to carry on from where they finished"

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